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Things To Do:

Get Inspired By Nature !

Israel Extreme

specializes in building personal tours just right for you! We customize off-the-beaten-track tours for individuals or groups of any size, age, ability and experience… From Eilat to the Jordan River… Through the rivers and streams… Off the cliffs and underground… And even across the open sky!! You dream it, we can do it!

Our expert team of guides take clients on an array of unique and challenging tours every day! Israel Extreme offers over 150 tours in Israel, summer camp in Israel ; 50 off-the-beaten-track tours are only offered by Israel Extreme!  Our highly experienced guides are fully licensed in extreme sports such as rappelling, rock climbing, and caving and are hand-picked for their excellent customer service, skills and patience. Most are even ex-special forces and all of the them speak English and Hebrew fluently.

Our company is founded on safety, responsibility, and personalized customer service in the office and out in the field. We are very proud of our perfect safety record.

A tour with Israel Extreme is bound to leave you with a smile on your face and memories that last a lifetime…

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Trip Advisor Testimonials
  • My daughter did a 10 days program run by Israel Extreme and it was fantastic. The activities were amazing, and the staff was great. She had the best time! Wish I could have gone myself!

    Aylit S

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  • It was a perfect balance - private guidance, atmosphere, assistance, beautiful spots
    We recommend very much😊

    Tsafi P

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  • Our group included my children and grandchildren, a total of 14 people ,ages 5 to 42. Despite of the wide range of ages and abilities, the Israel Extreme team managed to plan and carry out an exciting and rewarding outdoor experience. The guides were professional in every way, from the high level equipment to the warm and personal attitude. We will definitely be happy to turn to Israel Extreme to ...

    Efrat Chayen

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  • "BEST SUMMER EVER!!" was how my kids described their summer with Israel Extreme! They experienced Israel like never before! Every day was full of MAJOR action and adventure, and SAFETY above all. Highly recommend!!


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  • My daughter spent 11 days with Israel Extreme. She says she wished it was 365 days. It was an amazing experience for her. My family plans to use Israel extreme many times in the future.


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  • I went paragliding and it was awesome! There I was, strapped into a parachute with a pilot named Omer, and then the wind carried us up over the beach in Netanya and higher than the buildings. We were so high up and I couldn't believe that we were doing this with only the wind keeping us up in the air! Omer was awesome and when did some aerobatics I felt so calm. This was literally flying! I am hoo...

    Jesse Paquin

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  • They are very professional and they handle everything very well especially my guide. It's my first skydiving experience and I'm still speechless and it's really amazing. Highly recommended to my friends and family️. See you on my next adventure!


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  • The experience of going down with the rope into the water side by side to the waterfalls was amazing, while our guide, Ofek was supper professional and interesting person.

    The nature atmosphere was absolutely perfect!

    Yoav L

    View on TripAdvisor

  • The trip was excellent and Stav out guide was a pleasure. We all had a great and safe time . I have used Israel Extreme three times before and would give them my highest recommendation for quality, professionalism and a thorough knowledge of the land.

    Mark Coronel

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  • We were a 12 year old boy, 10 year old girl, and a nervous dad. Our guide, Betachya, met us in Jerusalem where we rented a car and drove into the middle of nowhere. (We were doing Fox's Chimney activity.) We suited up and headed up the long steep climb - and then repelled down a craggy drop - "just lean back" Betachya told me - YOU just lean back! I nervously joked. I gave in and so did the kids a...

    David A

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