Caving in Israel

Caving in Israel is the ultimate adventure. You must go on adventures to find out where you truly belong. At Israel Extreme we encourage you to go and find yourself. Sometimes the cave you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek. In our tiny country, we have natural limestone caves, lava caves, hand-carved caves (which were carved for various uses 1000’s of years ago), and Israel’s crown jewel, natural salt caves.

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When was the last time you did something new for the first time?

These amazing salt caves are a geological phenomenon that exists in only two places in the world, in Israel and Iran (there are a few other places that have salt mines that are mistakenly thought to be salt caves. They are actually hand-dug quarries, not naturally formed caves.) The mystery of the unknown is what makes spelunking/caving in Israel so special.
Going spelunking/caving gives you the opportunity to put your feet where no one has ever walked before, or where the last person who stepped there lived thousands of years ago. You will also be part of the exploration and discovery of new things. While spelunking/caving in Israel you will feel like you are discovering a new world.

Caving in Israel
Spelunking/Caving in Israel is for every adventure lover wishing to explore the unknown.

Caves are like a living organism. To see how life breaths and feeds itself deep under the earth is an awe-inspiring expedition. When spelunking/caving you will learn about the delicate nature of each cave’s habitat and how the caves survive throughout the millennia. Each cave has its own “bloodstream” and “respiratory system”, it is a true phenomenon.

Israel Extreme’s private tours of Caving in Israel are in: the Golan, Galilee, Jerusalem, Judean Desert, and the Negev.

For each of Israel Extreme’s spelunking/caving in Israel trips, we take into consideration the ages, abilities, skill levels, and preferences of our clients, and also adjust the type of caves we take our clients to depend on whether you are a large group, small group, or single traveler. So we can assure you of a great spelunking/caving in Israel experience.

Caving in Israel
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