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In Israel there are many sites where rappelling is needed to get down a waterfall or get down a cliff in order to continue the hike. Rappelling is descending from a high point to a low point using a rope. There are many types of rappelling: through the air, by kicking your way down the face of a cliff, or through running water falls. This thrilling experience is available in all parts of Israel from various heights and for every level of experience and fitness. For that reason, we highly recommend that you have at least one conversation with one of our experienced tour guides in order to give us an idea of the range of ages and the interests and expertise of the group. We can then design a personalized Israel Extreme Adventure that will be the highlight of your vacation.

We do rappelling tours in Israel for all levels – for beginners, young children, teenagers, seniors and experienced rappellers and we rappell all across the country. Read below to find out what region you would like to experience Extreme rappelling with us…

All our guides are professional, licensed, courteous, experienced both in the sport and in teaching and leading groups. Each person on your rappelling tour in Israel will receive their own set of the best high-end equipment to provide maximum comfort and safety.


Sites for Rappelling / Abseiling

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