Stand With Israel

Dear Israel Extreme Family and Friends,

In these challenging and heart-wrenching times we find ourselves in, we would like to share our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support and solidarity from around the globe, it has touched our hearts.

We would like to share with you how the current events have directly effected our community and some of the challenges we are facing.

On Simchat Torah, after our busiest season of the year and during one of the most promising weeks filled with hundreds of tours we were shocked to hear the devastating news. The news that shook us all to our core in grievance and deep mourning for our country, family and friends.

Liran Almonsino, a true hero and our top tour director for all our southern adventures (many of you have had the honor to sandboard with Liran), learned of the horrors unfolding in the southern kibbutzim. Without hesitation, he rallied a team to save as many lives as possible, despite being ill-equipped with insufficient weaponry. He successfully managed to neutralize numerous terrorists but tragically, Liran, leading his team, was struck and lost his life, leaving behind a wife and five young children.

It is said that through their actions, they saved countless families residing in Moshav Yated, preventing Hamas terrorists from entering, assaulting, and harming women, children, and the elderly, as they had done in other areas they managed to breach. Unfortunately, many of us have family and friends who were either brutally murdered or abducted into Gaza. Shortly after, most of the men on our team, including tour guides, office staff, and tour directors, received Tzav 8 orders and were called for duty to protect our homes, children, and families. We are striving to maintain our resilience in the face of funerals and mourning periods (shiva), dedicating all our time and resources as a business to support our soldiers and their families left behind.

Our support journey began with a simple yet vital realization: our brave soldiers needed a way to stay connected with their families, especially when serving in challenging environments. To address this need, we selflessly donated all our uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to ensure they could charge their phones and maintain essential communication.

Our commitment extended beyond this, as we embarked on a mission to reach numerous army bases, providing them with indispensable supplies such as powerful headlights, cozy fleece hoodies, nourishing food, and essential gear to enhance their safety and comfort.

Furthermore, our dedication led us to source and import critical tactical gear, including night vision and red dot kits, contributing to our soldiers’ readiness and effectiveness. But our support doesn’t stop there; we’ve gone a step further by transforming our office and capabilities into a heartfelt project, where we are providing trips to families from the villages near Gaza that have been affected, offering them much-needed relief during these challenging times.

Together, we are making a meaningful impact on our soldiers and their families, ensuring they have the support they need.


Now, as we gradually recover from the initial shock, we realize that we require significant assistance to sustain our efforts. We need help to care for the families of our team members serving in the army, our own families, and volunteers, and to assure our team that when the war concludes, they will still have a place of employment.

Your support during these times of violence is what allows us to serve you in times of peace.


Here are three different ways you can support Israel Extreme:


Seize a unique opportunity to save big while championing both our soldiers and Israel Extreme by investing in cash vouchers that could be spent on any of our adventures.

These versatile vouchers, valid for three years, offer a substantial 20% bonus return, allowing you to lock in savings and enjoy thrilling experiences at today’s prices. Whether you’re an individual adventurer or a business seeking team-building opportunities, you can tailor the voucher amount to your needs. For example: If you purchase a 5,000 NIS voucher, you will get 6,000 NIS cash voucher to be used for any of our activities.

Contact us now to embark on this win-win journey.


 If you’re planning to buy a gift for a birthday, bar/bat mitzvah, or any other occasion, you can purchase gift certificates for our adventures. These certificates can be used once the conflict has subsided, allowing you to offer a cherished gift while supporting Israel Extreme


For those who can offer direct contributions in terms of gear or money, your donations will go directly to our soldiers and their families. We will not retain any percentage of these donations, and we may even match and add to them as we’ve already been doing for the past two weeks.

We have a dedicated team for transportation of gear and medical supplies to various army bases, making it easier for those willing to contribute. To all our clients around the world, you play a crucial role by sharing the truth about the events occurring here. We see your support around the globe and appreciate your support and solidarity during these challenging times.

Your donations will make a meaningful difference in the lives of our soldiers, their families, and our community.


With heartfelt gratitude,

Israel Extreme Team


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