Gift Certificates Tours

Gift Certificates Tours

All too often these days, majority of people bestow items to their loved ones. Instead of giving an item itself, why not gift an experience whose memory will last a lifetime? Whether it is for a birthday, a marriage proposal, of any other occasion, Israel Extreme is here to make it an unforgettable moment! We work hard to create the perfect experience made exclusively for you and will personally create a gift voucher for your personal use. Whether you are in the South, the North, or even in the Center – in the air, on the ground, or on the sea – we have a wide range of adventures that will leave you craving more! Depending on your skills, and how adventurous you are – we adjust the challenge! We will be more than happy to speak with you over the phone to ensure and perfect your lovely surprise for your loved ones! If you are unsure which adventure to choose, you can purchase a gift voucher for any sum you wish that may be redeemed for any of our special adventures! Israel Extreme is here to help surprise your loved one, and break out of the typical box!


Canyoneering in Israel

With nothing to lose and a world to see, we say Yes to Canyoneering in Israel!

Canyoneering in Israel has become quite popular since Israel is full of adrenaline seekers and extreme sport enthusiasts… Israel’s amazingly varied geography is home to an array of canyons, offering canyoneers a multitude of sites to go canyoning in Israel. Israel’s best canyoning locations are found in its deserts and in the Golan. Some of the routes are open to everyone, while the most fun and exciting canyoning routes in Israel are reserved for the more experienced.  Don’t fret, if you don’t have experience canyoning in Israel, all you need is an experienced and licensed guide to assist you.

Also called canyoneering, Canyoning in Israel, is different from just abseiling / rappelling and rock climbing since it utilizes many different techniques, i.e. swimming, scrambling, jumping, rappelling, climbing and even rafting or kayaking.

Accept the challenge.

Most often done in isolated and craggy settings, canyoning demands navigational and wilderness travel proficiency, but don’t worry, there are many user-friendly canyons in Israel which are easier to navigate and great for beginners. There are very simple canyons to navigate in Israel, and much more complicated and aggressive canyons, although priority is most often on beauty and how exciting the canyon is, instead of how hard it is. The best canyons in Israel are most often carved into the bedrock stone, forming narrow chasms and crevices with an abundance of descents, magnificently carved walls, and beautiful waterfalls (dry and wet).

A huge selection of canyoning routes are found throughout the land of Israel, and canyoning is enjoyed by Israelis and tourists of all ages and skill levels. Exploring nature in a way that otherwise is completely inaccessible is what canyoning in is all about. If you like to investigate, love extreme thrilling sports, and enjoy the extraordinary, canyoning is perfect for you.

Adventure Awaits…

Check out our awesome tour options below…


Paragliding / Flying ATV

Dream. Soar. Succeed.

Paragliding in Israel

Israel’s geographic location makes it an excellent place for paragliding. And we have 3 different options that make it an unforgettable one!

Tandem gliders are designed to carry the weight of two people with no engine. You are seated in a secure harness in front of your instructor and connected to the glider and to each other by spreader bars. This seating arrangement allows you an unobstructed panoramic view. Under the supervision of your instructor you may take the controls and experience the sensation of flying a paraglider yourself! Please keep in mind that paragliding is weather dependent.

You can also take it all in from a Flying ATV…


Rappelling in Israel

Inhale Confidence. Exhale Doubt.

Rappelling in Israel

Fill your life with adventure, not things. Rappelling in Israel will give you incredible stories to share with all those you love.  This thrilling experience is available in all parts of Israel from various heights and for every level of experience and fitness. Israel Extreme offers custom tailored rappelling tours that are just right for you.

Abseiling is descending from a high point to a low point using a rope. There are many types of rappelling:

  • Through the air
  • Against the cliff
  • Through waterfalls
  •  Into caves
  • and many other options….

We always recommend having at least one initial conversation with one of our experienced tour guides in order to get an idea of the range of ages, and the interests and expertise of the group. We can then design a personalized Israel Extreme Adventure that will be the highlight of your vacation.

Which type of tour do our clients love the most?… Abseiling in Israel!

It’s better to see something once than hear about it a hundred times. And we cannot express enough how Israel Extreme’s most favored sport is rappelling in Israel. The nature, the rush, and the confidence built on each of our tours always inspires us to keep providing the best rappelling sites Israel has to offer. WE GO EXTREME TO BRING YOU THE BEST. We will take you to off-the-beaten track sites, with historical value and breathtaking panoramic views. A day out in the wild with Israel Extreme will expand your mind to new limits and change the way you believe in yourself.

“When Rappelling in Israel, you don’t have to see the whole staircase, you just have to take the first step.”

We do abseiling/rappelling in Israel for all levels – beginners, young children, teenagers, seniors and experienced rappellers. And we rappell all across the country… Read below to find out which region you would like to experience Extreme rappelling with us.

All our guides are professional, licensed, courteous,  and experienced both in the sport and in teaching and leading groups. Each person on your rappelling tour will receive his/her own set of the best high-end equipment to provide maximum comfort and safety.

Rappelling in Israel is your waiting adrenaline rush.  Nothing can substitute experience.


Hiking in Israel

Hikes in Israel More and Worry Less!

When you have nothing to lose and a world to see hiking in Israel is great way to step outside and step within. There may be no Wifi connection but we promise a more brilliant connection that only nature can offer. For a such small country, Israel has an amazing variety of climate zones, ecosystems, and natural features. Israel Extreme will take you on Hiking Adventures all over the country, through the mountains and desert, rivers and canyons, waterfalls and riverbeds. It feels good to be lost in the right direction so keep calm and hike on when hikes in israel with Israel Extreme.

Because life is better in hiking boots…

Our hiking tours can be tailored to any challenge level, from an easy stroll to a multi-day cross-country trek. The exciting hikes in israel adventures listed here also include rappelling. On some of the hikes the rappelling is optional and on some rappelling is the only way to complete the hike. Let us know what you would like to see and we will design a hike to meet your skills, preferences and interests…

 Explore. Dream. Discover.

Hiking in Israel.

Horseback Riding in Israel

Ride More and Worry Less while Horseback Riding in Israel with Israel Extreme!

Israel Extreme’s Horseback Riding Adventures take you along a beautiful route high above the Sea of Galilee. Amazingly beautiful panoramic views of the Kinneret accompany us all along the way. The horses are gentle and well-trained so anyone can ride. No prior horseback riding experience is necessary. Horseback riding can be an adventure on its own, or can be added to many of our hiking, rappelling and rock climbing adventures.

Horseback Riding is a family fun adventure that builds everlasting memories!

Riding is a way to solve any problem and the perfect companion never has fewer than four feet. Horseback riding in Israel is a great way to connect with the land and its amazingly kind spirited horses. Once you climb into your saddle you will be ready for an adventure ride that will leave you breathless. Riding builds courage, confidence, and character for all ages! For some horseback riding is a sport and for others its a lifestyle. Israel Extreme’s horseback riding adventures take you on the most beautiful route Israel has to offer…

“Horseback riding in Israel builds courage, confidence, and character.”

Hikes with Rappelling

Adventure is worthwhile when hiking in Israel!

For a small country, Israel has an amazing variety of climate zones, ecosystems, and natural features… Some of the most beautiful and adventurous hikes we offer include rappelling.  Whether it’s rappelling down waterfalls or over cliffs, we have the perfect adventure hike with rappelling waiting for you. Israel Extreme can take you through mountains and deserts, rivers and canyons and down waterfalls and dry riverbeds… You dream it, we can probably do it! Our hiking tours can be tailored to any challenge level, from an easy stroll to a multi-day cross-country trek.

On some of the hikes the rappelling is optional, and on some, rappelling is the only way to complete the hike. Let us know what you would like to do and we will design a hike to meet your skills, preferences and interests. The best hike for you… Is it in the North? Is it in the South? Read more further down below to find out…

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.”

Check out our hiking tours that include rappelling below…