Hot-Air Balloons

Let’s have an ‘uplifting’ experience with Hot Air Balloons in Israel!

If you like traveling to places you have never been before, try 5,000 feet high in the sky! This extreme adventure will take you over green hills, forests and rivers for an amazing, peaceful, quiet and safe experience. So let’s get carried away with Hot Air Balloons in Israel…

Hot Air Balloon rides are fun for the whole family!

We are the only ones who’ll take you through the clouds in such an adventure; enjoy a breathtaking, panoramic view of northern Israel that includes Mount Hermon to the North, Judea and Samaria to the South, Haifa and the Carmel Mountains to the West, and the Gillad Mountains in Jordan to the East.

The sky’s the limit with Israel Extreme’s Hot Air Balloon Adventure.




Maximize your extreme experience by camping out before or after one of your adventures. One of our favorite places to camp out is in the Birya forest in the North of Israel, Israel’s largest Pine forest. We will build a campsite under the pines, with amazing panoramic views of the Golan Heights, snow-capped Mt. Hermon, and the Hula Valley. This is a genuine, nature-oriented, rustic camping experience, without bathrooms or showers. We provide all the camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, air mattress), and arrange for your guide to spend the night with you in the Birya forest in the Galilee. We have many other great places to camp, depending on where your tours are, we will find the best camping location for you! Camping in Israel – awesome!