Best summer Camp in Israel

Got summer plans for your teenager? What if you could send your teen off on a two-week adventure of GROWTH? How would it feel if your teen came home from camp 10X more confident and mature? We just can’t stop the emails from coming in, of happy parents letting us know how much our Summer camp in Israel has helped their teenager.

We provide life skills, team work skills, leadership roles, first aid, survival and more. Your teen will know how to survive in nature! They will know how to resuscitate, treat, and call for help when there is an injured individual. They become professional rappellers, rock climbers, navigators, and cavers! WOW.

There are lots of summer camps in Israel to choose from. We know because we provide them with their hikes, tours, and extreme adventures. Being Israel’s favorite touring company throughout the year gives us the advantage of being able to do an extreme adventure every day, even twice a day!

Is your teen on their phone way too much? Does two weeks in nature without a phone or computer sound amazing? Does your teen love the outdoors? Actually, we are always surprised at how excited our Troopers (campers) are to put their phones in the safe and let go of technology for two weeks. It is the best detox ever!

Summer camp in Israel is also an amazing opportunity to connect with your heritage, roots, and homeland. With everything that is going on in the world, connecting with your homeland is more important than ever before. We are a Zionist Camp that builds a connection between our campers and the Land of Israel. We build that connection through hands on experience with nature. When you rock climb to the top of that cliff and finally get to the top and you see that breathtaking panoramic view of Israel, it is a memory that lasts a lifetime.

We learn about our history, our geography, and more. Safety is our priority and our beautiful camp atmosphere is located in the North of Israel where there is peace, safety, and quiet. There is no summer camp in Israel like Israel Extreme Adventure Camp.

We would love to hear more about you! Send us a message and let us know a bit about who you are, where you’re from, and ask us any questions you got!

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