Bar/Bat Mitzvah In Israel

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Bar/Bat Miztvah in Israel

Mazel tov!! When your child reaches Bar/Bat Miztvah – it’s an incredibly exciting time! We here in Israel Extreme are experienced in planning the most epic and adventure filled Bar/Bat Mitzvah trips that are guaranteed to create memories that will last for a lifetime! From the moment you land in Israel and head to the Kotel for your son or daughter’s big day – we can handle a wide array of arrangements for you. One of the best adventures that is perfect for the entire family is ‘jeeping in the Judean desert’. With its wild and ancient beauty, many people overlook it. You will have the chance to spend anywhere from two to four hours exploring the exhilarating, steep ascents and descents that go right through the Judean Desert. It has incredible panoramic views of the Dead Sea, Jordan, and the Jerusalem Mountains. Besides the amazing natural views, you also will get to see the nomadic life of the Bedouins, and the incredible desert birds and other animals all while listening to the history of the area, geology, and all about the flora and fauna of this unique ecosystem. For our longer tours – you can even take a camel ride and truly become a part of the desert!

If you are looking for something outside of Jerusalem, we’ve got you covered! We have epic adventures all over the country. From the North, all the way to the South – we have options available! We do not believe in a ‘minimum age’. We have had small children from the age of babies to teenagers go on almost all our adventures! All that matters is how adventurous your kiddo is. From the very beginning, we are here to walk you through the entire process and create the perfect itinerary for you and your family! When it comes to having every little detail taken care of, we are the best in the industry! If we can help you achieve your ultimate Bar/Bat Mitzvah dreams – please be in touch! Looking forward to an awesome time with you and your family!