Beating The Heat

In the peak of the Summer season here in Israel, we are all searching for a place of refuge from the heat! Rather than hiding away indoors, we’d rather hunt for a more natural solution. Israel has an astonishing amount of water hikes, particularly some bewildering hidden spots. Some of our favourites include the Zaki Trail, Ein Tina, the Banias Hike, Nachal Gilabon, and the Black Canyon.

The Zaki trail is fresh flowing spring water. It is encompassed by enchanting and picturesque vegetation. While it is hot, it is highly enjoyable even in the sun. The Zaki River travels from the top of the Golon Heights, and down towards the Kinneret. Our hike follows the river’s path along the valley with colossal slippery volcanic stones and extensive lava boulders to climb over. But let’s not overlook the water! It reaches up to your knees at certain points and even up to your hips at others. The Zaki Water Adventure is one of our most exciting water adventures around. Along the trail there are several pools we’ll need to swim through in order to continue our hike, and the water’s temperature is perfect to splash around in the heat! Please just be mindful of the river turtles and large variety of fish that call the Zaki River their home. With the Golan Heights behind and the inspiring views of the Kinneret before you, there is no doubt that this is the perfect meeting point for both regions!

Ein Tina is a concealed treasure, and you will have the chance to not only enjoy the refreshing spring and waterfall – but we’ll have chances to rest and relax in its cool and shady green environment as well. Located at the top of the waterfall, you will be able to see an old flour mill which once used water power to grind its flour for the locals once upon a time. The trail is through water, and the spring is swimmable. You will need your swimwear and some alternative clothing to change into later. This adventure will be wet, but fun! For those who do not wish to get wet, or are traveling with little children, there is also a dry path alongside the spring.

The Black Canyon is a full-day adventure that leads deep into a canyon of volcanic stone. This unmarked hike is located in a closed national park and is reserved only for groups led by licensed tour guides. The hike includes a lot of climbing over massive lava boulders, and is not at all a standard trail! Once we enter the canyon, we’ll need to navigate through the jungle, and not along paths. This trail is exhilarating and will bring you through lush, and wild jungle of the Golan Heights. You will see vivid and beautiful birds, small animals, and plenty of water! Ninety percent of this venture is near on in the water, ranging anywhere from ankle to knee deep! We will even need to rappel through three waterfalls! Swimming and rappelling are required for this adventure – and we provide life jackets if you need. Participants need to be in good shape, and the good news is eighty-five percent of the time it’s downhill! There is a 22 NIS Israeli National Park entrance fee for adults over eighteen years old, and 10 NIS fee for children under eighteen years of age. This must be paid at the park when we enter.

No matter the climate, you name it, we have it! We here in Israel Extreme strive to bring you and your family to new sites, and create memories that will last for a lifetime!