Climbing Out of Corona

hikes in israel


We are finally getting off the couch and out of the house!

Everybody knows during this Corona period, we are beginning to lose our minds with the kids at home. Maybe some if not all of them are beginning to climb the walls! With that said, why not go outside and give them something that isn’t so breakable to climb and jump off of?! It will definitely save your furniture! One of our tour guides favourite spots to take his small army is the Banias River. The special thing about this location is that for the most part, it’s completely secret to everyone else except for the locals! If you decide to google it, you’ll come across the Banias Nature Reserve. This is not our hidden paradise. Our hidden location takes you from the Kibbuts Snear to the village Sha’ar Yeshuv. The hike is mostly downhill, and takes you incredibly close to the river’s main source. From here we will splash our way all the way to the Jordan River (not a good idea for the littles). If you take the plunge in the right season and you happen to need a light snack, there are scrumptious grapes and dates growing right off the vines!

As we reach the rivers crossing, we will glide right over an intricate wooden bridge that is engulfed with spectacular views and wild blooms. If you look carefully, you’ll spot the remains of an old Syrian tank that was disposed of in the river, along with a Syrian bunker strategically placed just above the settlement.

Still looking for more ideas? Another fantastic location is Ein Gedi. Not only is this hike incredibly flexible and great for all ages, but there are multiple trails that you can choose from. Whatever your time availability may be, ranging from one hour to six hours, we have you covered! During our trek with you, you will have many tempting areas to rest, swim, and explore as much as your heart desires! Ein Gedi is a Nature Reserve and an oasis with a rich variety of plant and animal life, along with what remains of an ancient community. The hidden beauty on this adventure is the hidden waterfall. Whether you want to hike on dry land, or in the streambed, this is a trip you will not forget anytime soon!

Remaining indoors for days on end is not easy to manage let alone breathe through. The good news about our adventures here in Israel Extreme is that our tour guides are personally tailored just for you, and we are taking you off the beaten path. Nobody else in the country does what we do. With this said, we look forward to hearing from you and burning off all that pent up energy!!