Extreme Sports in Israel

Rappelling in Israel

You haven’t experienced Israel if you haven’t done Extreme Sports in Israel with Israel Extreme.
What are Extreme Sports exactly? And why would I want to do Extreme Sports in Israel as opposed to anywhere else?

What are Extreme Sports?

Extreme Sports is a relatively new term to describe a bunch of highly intense activities which often involve natural phenomena such as mountains, snow, wind, water and caves. Extreme Sports and especially Extreme Sports in Israel therefore require the participant to employ a high level of exertion, sometimes skill and athleticism because height and speed are involved. Extreme sports do welcome the newcomer as well since these sports often provide a guide and require highly specialized gear. Israel Extreme, who offers Extreme Sports in Israel understands these needs and demands and therefore offers licensed, trained guides to take groups of all ages with little or no prior experience through these extreme experiences.

Why are Extreme Sports in Israel popular?

Israelis love a good thrill. Israel Extreme provides clients with Extreme Sports in Israel tours and adventures. The combination of adrenaline and nature is far more suitable for the Israeli mindset. Extreme Sports in Israel are better performed in Israel than any other place since this small country, which is the size of New Jersey, has so many natural sites for every type of extreme sport. Israel has some of the most beautiful and challenging sites in the world, the biggest variety of extreme adventure opportunity within a small area.

Extreme Sports in Israel with Israel Extreme

Israel Extreme offers an array of amazing adventure tours ranging from exciting Extreme Sports in Israel to fun-filled, jam packed outdoor private tours for all ages customized to fit your interests, abilities and wildest dreams!
Israel Extreme also offers day packages along with week-long itineraries for groups of all sizes that can highlight your latest simcha such as bar/bas mitzvah, anniversary, etc or your latest family vacation.

Israel Extreme is proud of its perfect safety record and is ready to book a tour with you today and of course looks forward to providing you with Extreme Sports in Israel!