Hiking in Israel – with Israel Extreme

Hiking tour in Israel

You know when you go on holiday, and you left it to the last minute, and just bought flights and booked a hotel, and have no other plans in place? We did that last year, and went to Israel. We knew we wanted to go out and discover the countryside, go off the beaten track as it were. We are a big fan of hikes, here at home as well, and certainly wanted to pack in some days of hiking. But, when you go to a place you don’t know, and you aren’t sure how safe everywhere is, its hard!

So we did what everyone does, went on to the internet. We found a company that looked like it could arrange what we needed. Israel Extreme arrange hiking, rock climbing and all sorts of other Extreme Trips. So we called them, and I have to say, we were very pleasantly surprised from our first contact. Seriously good, “American style” customer service! We spoke to their Tour Director, who after asking about who we were and what we were looking for, emailed us a fantastic number of hikes, that all looked so good that we had real trouble deciding what to choose. For us hiking in Israel is a great way to get to know an area, but in Israel there are so many beautiful places to hike in, that it is very hard to decide where to go.

In the end we chose the Zaki water hike. As our youngest is just 4, we wanted a fairly easy hike. This hiking takes places in the beautiful Golan Heights, and goes down towards the Gallilee, with views of the Kinneret as you descend. We swam when it got too hot, and took rests along the way. The guide was amazing, and we learnt so much about the area and the history. We all had a fantastic day out.
We left a 5 star review on trip advisor, and hope to go back to try another of their hikes next year. We can certainly recommend Israel Extreme if you want to hike in Israel!