Kick It Up with The IDF

If you are looking for an experience where the past comes to life, take a peek at our one of a kind IDF Lebanon Border Jeep Tour! This site takes you along the Lebanese border in the Eastern Galilee. You will not find this hidden gem in any visitor’s tour books! Unlike most ‘tourists’ destinations, your guide will be a local resident of the area who has a vast amount of personal stories to share with you from his own life. You will take a look behind the scenes, and learn what life is like to go about life normally while under threat. The history between Israel and Lebanon is long and complicated. In the 1950’s there was a group of terrorists called Ashaf that attacked schools, killing many men, women, and children. In 1982 Israel made the decision to put a stop to them, and entered Lebanon therefore beginning the first Lebanon War, the Sheleg War. From 1982 until 2000 we stayed in Lebanon in what we called the ‘safety belt’ – a stretch of land between the actual border between Israel and Lebanon stretching 5 – 8 kilometers wide to create space between the Israeli citizens living along the border and the attacking terrorists. Eventually Israel made the decision to leave Lebanon and return home, but another terrorist group called Chizbula came in and took over our old bunkers therefore beginning a whole new problem. On the tour we will discuss the history as a whole so you get to see the full picture of what transpired.

While here, you will have the unique opportunity to meet IDF Combat Soldiers who guard the border. We will spend time with them and not only get to know them, but also see them in action! Depending on what the circumstances may be at the time, we will see some combat vehicles – such as tanks, D9’s (massive army bulldozer), hummers, and ATMOS vehicles. Sometimes we have the chance to climb on board! This experience will give you a better understanding of the conflict, how the soldiers protect our land, and provide you with a highly personal experience of what everyday life is like.

While chugging along in the jeeps, you will have the exhilirating experience of zooming up and down steep ascents and descents through the mountains. Along the way, we will drive through breath-taking panormaic views of the Golan Heights, Hula Vally, and Mount Hermon – which is covered in snow during the winter! Throughout the entire adventure, you’ll hear about the rich history pertaining to the area including about the geology! The flora and fauna are incredibly unique pertaining to this ecosystem. Once we reach the obervation point, we will review the geoplitical situation, and tour the local agriculture orchards and depending on the season, we can plant fruit trees near the border fence, and/or taste the seasonal fruits unique to Eretz Yisrael! During the Summer, we get to stop and splash into one of the local streams to refresh ourselves with a short swim!