Man vs. Nature

rappelling in Israel

Man Vs. Nature

While we may think that man has explored all this planet has to offer, there is actually so much more we as a species have to learn. However the words of Helen Macdonald strike me more and more as I set out into what’s ‘known’ – “So many of our stories about nature are about testing ourselves against it, setting ourselves against it, defining our humanity against it”. I begin to wonder what it would like look, instead of setting myself against the mountain; I learn to be in harmony with it. When we choose to expose ourselves to the realities of Nature – it can be an incredibly rewarding experience. That does not mean we should not think carefully before our adventure, as we know that Mother Nature can be unforgiving at times. If you look on the top of the Golan Heights, hidden from view lies the Hidden Lava Canyon. This site is the perfect blend of innate beauty, vivid scenery, and adventure. The Golan Heights is comprised of primarily of volcanic rock, and lying just underneath is a layer of white limestone. As we descend down into the canyon, the volcanic rocks gives way to reveal the limestone. This hidden gem is far removed from civilization, therefore there is a good chance you will see jackals, wild boars, wolves, and different species of birds of prey. Come experience Israel in a way others have yet to!

For my fellow adventure seekers; boy do I have a treat for you! Discovered by Israel Extreme, we can bring you to an amazing stalagmite/stalactite hidden cave. Israel Extreme has been fortunate enough to be the ONLY tour company is all of Israel that knows about this cave. We have been lucky enough to have some of our guides discover and explore these caves to help map them out with the Israeli Government. Should you decide to take the plunge, you will be one of the lucky few to visit this underworld treasure! This cave is described as a type of fairytale that not even the makers of Disney would be able to replicate. To enter this hidden cave, first we must rappel down 100 ft through a hole into a massive hall. Once down at the bottom, you just might be greeted with a couple of very curious and peaceful salamanders wanting to see who came for a visit. The deeper into the cave we venture, the more its beauty is revealed. Using ropes and other gear to make our around obstacles, there are options to hike, climb, and rappel all in this cave. To leave, we must exit the same way we entered. Using specialized equipment, we will climb back up the ropes, and onto the ground above.