Bat/ Bar Mitzvah in Israel Private Tour


First of all, MAZEL TOV! Your child is becoming a Bat/ Bar Mitzvah! Since this is no doubt a very exciting moment in your life and the life of your child, Israel Extreme is happy to help you make your dreams of a Bat/ Bar Mitzvah Tour in Israel a reality.

Our biggest advantage is our many years of experience and seniority in the fields of event planning and private touring in Israel. Not only do we create a unique atmosphere, provide creative ideas and take you to exclusive locations, but we also supply you with a special expert team which provides you with the ability to be comfortable and enjoy the entire ceremony, celebration and trip to Israel, while we make sure everything is running smoothly.


The Bat/ Bar Mitzvah Ceremony

Our expertise is in creating special events at unique, extraordinary and unusual locations, while skillfully combining ease of access for those who need it, adventure and extreme for those who seek it all the while taking into consideration all of the desires and expectations of you, your guests and your Bat/ Bar Mitzvah boy or girl. You could have your Bat/ Bar Mitzvah ceremony indoors or outdoors. From a huge hall in a natural cave to an ancient synagogue in the middle of a forest, or on the beach of a lake, ocean, or the side of a river, on top of a mountain, in the middle of the vast endless dessert, at an exotic archeological site, on a large sail boat on the ocean or a lake, and of course at any of the many exquisite halls or gardens.

You can choose from any variety of dramatic entries for the Bat/ Bar Mitzvah star, for example: skydiving, rappelling, zip-lining, horseback riding, ATVing or even by helicopter. Some of the locations where we hold special events have dramatic natural conditions, such as for zip lining or rappelling, as an optional entry for the Bat/ Bar Mitzvah, for any of the guests who might be interested. Our expertise in planning special events is knowing how to masterfully combine the needs of easy access for older persons, physically challenged, and for strollers, with the adventurous and extreme for those who seek it. Our special event planners will design the location to fit the atmosphere and the style you wish to create for your Bat/ Bar Mitzvah in Israel.

The Bat/ Bar Mitzvah Tour in Israel

(We would like to preface this article with the fact that for ease of readability, whenever “Bar Mitzvah” is used we mean either “Bar” or “Bat Mitzvah”.)

The main idea in planning your Bar Mitzvah tour in Israel is to keep it practical and smart, in order to avoid, among other things, wasting time on extra millage and unnecessary travel, and unnecessary expenses. Whether you are planning a Private Bar Mitzvah tour in Israel for a small family or a large group of hundreds of people, it helps to have a great deal of experience in planning, logistics, and expertly focusing on all of the many small but very important details. Taking into consideration the various ages, types of people and different interests of the group and matching it to the perfect Bar  Mitzvah trip is our specialty. In addition we will be making sure everything is appropriate for the season of the year, and corresponds with all of the different expectations. That way, whoever is seeking adventure and excitement and nature will get it, and whoever is looking for a more toned-down atmosphere with fine wines, historical or archeological sites and breathtaking views will get exactly what they want. We will have everything running smoothly, so that you can relax and enjoy your Bar Mitzvah trip to Israel.

After years of experience in planning Bar Mitzvah trips to Israel, planning special events in Israel, and as locals, we know a multitude of unique and off-the-beaten-track tour sites. Due to this, we know exactly how to create for each different group or family a private tailor-made special and exclusive event, better than anything you could have dreamed of. This is one of the biggest advantages of using local seasoned tour guides which know the territory and unique restaurants, vineyards and wineries and shops that you will never find in a tour book.

Planning a Bat/ Bar Mitzvah Trip to Israel

The success of your Bar Mitzvah trip to Israel depends on it being well-planned, taking into consideration the preferences of the Bar Mitzvah, your family and your guests. When planning a Bar Mitzvah tour and celebration in Israel, one of the most important things is knowing in advance your budget. We can plan a one-of-a-kind Bar Mitzvah vacation in Israel for as little as a few hundred dollars, to easily hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is completely up to you. We offer partial to full service event planning. If you are coming from overseas we can take care of all of the details for you from the airport when you arrive to the airport when your Bar Mitzvah tour of Israel is over. If you are local, we can pick you up from your location, arrange all of the event and tour details, and return you back home. From all the details, A to Z, we’ve got you covered.

Planning a Bar Mitzvah tour in Israel in a dynamic manner is another one of our specialties. At its peak will be the ceremony and Bar Mitzvah event itself. Before we get into the planning stage, we will always have a long and in-depth conversation with you. This helps us get to know you, your family, the Bar Mitzvah boy or girl, your desires, expectations and your dreams of this celebration trip to Israel.

The Conversation
The main subjects we will discuss, which will directly affect your itinerary, are:

1) The interests and hobbies of the Bar Mitzvah
A well-planned Bar Mitzvah trip will leave the Bar Mitzvah boy with significant memories that could even influence his future pursuit of interests and hobbies.

2) The ages and interests of the family and guests of the Bar Mitzvah
The different ages and interests of the family and guests have a direct effect on the planning since we need to make sure it will be pleasurable and fun for everyone!

3) The season of the year
In general, in the wintertime we focus touring in the south of Israel and in the summertime we focus touring in the north of Israel, and of course we have many amazing tours that don’t fit into this generalization.

4) Specific touring preferences
Do you love to be outside within nature? Adventurous activities? Extreme sports? Rappelling, caving, skydiving, rock climbing, walking/hiking, biking, horseback riding, swimming in waterfalls, tubing, paragliding, bungee jumping, rafting, kayaking, sailing, waterskiing, ATVing, gorge walking and canyoneering? Museums? History? Art galleries? Archeology?

Without a doubt there are advantages to every style of tour. Our expertise and wisdom lies in tailoring the tours which best fit the interests, skill levels and preferences of all the participants – creating a Bar Mitzvah trip to Israel which will bring forth unforgettable moments, meaningful shared experiences, memories to last a lifetime, and a time of incomparable bonding. Let Israel Extreme take care of all the planning of your Bar Mitzvah trip to Israel: connecting to the land, fun, adventure, heritage, tradition, friends and family!

It doesn’t matter if you are planning a Bar Mitzvah celebration in Israel, a family simcha, or other special event, we at Israel Extreme are very experienced at planning the event itself and all of the surrounding celebration and vacation details. On our Bar Mitzvah tours, we will take you to extraordinary, unique, off-the-beaten-track locations which you didn’t even know existed in Israel.

Get rid of the pressure and burden of planning your Bar Mitzvah trip to Israel. Let our professional team of event planners and expert tour guides put together a once-in-a-lifetime, unforgettable Bar Mitzvah ceremony, Bar Mitzvah celebration, Bar Mitzvah tour and Bar Mitzvah trip to Israel which will be engraved in your hearts for years to come.