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Private Tours in Israel

Do you want to experience the most beautiful views? Go on adventure tours? What about this experience in the holiest land in the world? If yes, then Israel Extreme is your answer. We offer the best hiking in Israel! These hikes in Israel are guided by our top notch English-speaking tour guides who show you places that may be completely off the beaten track. We specialize in private tours with your private guide who make hiking in Israel a new and riveting experience for you and your family and friends. You’ll see Golan’s volcanic canyons, or experience hiking in Israel by going through the dunes of the Negev. The breathtaking salt mountains in Sodom offer great hiking in Israel too. You could also try hiking in Israel in the snow on Mt. Hermon, or even hiking in the Judean desert in the beautiful limestone canyons.

Multi-Day Adventure Tours

Here at Israel Extreme, we assure our clients that we work to give you what you want in a hike. Whether you have a specific destination, length of time or a specific level in mind, we custom make your hiking in Israel experience. We’re here to work with your schedule – we can even accommodate a sunset or sunrise tour, or even an evening tour. If you’re interested in a multi-day tour, we’ve got you covered too! If you want to enjoy hiking in Israel for a few days, our Yam L’Yam hike may be a good option for you! Beginning at the beach of the Mediterranean Sea, and finishing off at the Sea of Galilee, this hike is one of the most beautiful out there. Also, if you are looking to experience hiking in Israel for two days, specifically, Nachal Chatzatzon is a hike in the canyons of the Judean Desert with dramatic scenery and wildlife. Keep in mind this selection for hiking in Israel is a challenging and adventurous one, but definitely worth the effort!

Shorter Hikes in Israel

Whoever is looking for private tours of water hiking in Israel that are shorter in length, we have a few options. You could try Ein Tina, a water hike on a water trail with a shady swimmable spring. Hiking in Israel in the water can be done all year at our water hike at Darbashiya! You’ll see the most magnificent views of the Hula Valley there. Both of these hiking in Israel options are around one and a half hours.

The Best Hiking in Israel

Whichever hike or hikes in Israel you choose, we guarantee first-class hiking in Israel. Best of all, at Israel Extreme you can do hiking in Israel all year-round! In the heat of the summer or the coldest months of the year, you can always hike with us! So, the right time is now! We really look forward to hiking in Israel with you soon!