Private Tours in Israel

Rock Climbing in Israel

Israel Extreme specializes in creating private tours in Israel. These private tours in Israel are tailored specifically to your desires. A private tour in Israel which will include all of your dream adventures. We promise you an experience you will remember for a lifetime.

The Advantage of a private tour in Israel is that everything is planned around what the client requests. We at Israel Extreme know that the client comes first and we go out of our way to make your Israel private tour exactly what you want.

Unlike when people are travelling in a group, when you have your own private tour in Israel, you get to have it your way. Naturally, you will then accomplish much more in your visit. We offer a vast variety of private tours. Our private tours include nature, adventure, off-the-beaten-track site-seeing, or alternatively, historical, archeological, ethnic, culinary, and scenic-view tours, or a combination of both.

On your private tour in Israel you will be able to decide if you want to focus on the scenic or the underground spelunking or caving. The greenery and water in the North of Israel, or the beauty of the desert in the South of Israel. You may choose the more extreme or less extreme, the more physically challenging or the more extreme and adventurous but not physically challenging. Don’t worry at all, on a private tour in Israel physical limitations, level of experience, age and other factors are taken in account. For our extreme private tours in Israel we offer repelling/abseiling, rock climbing, hiking, canyoneering, mountain climbing, water hiking, repelling, biking, kayaking, paragliding, ATV’ing, paintballing, sky diving, rafting, water sports, horseback riding, bungee jumping and parasailing. You can find all of these activities in our private tours in Israel.

Private Tours Israel and Extreme Activities

We also off private tours in which all of the extreme activities are optional, or where there are alternative routes around, and some private tours where the only way to get to the destination is by blazing through the extreme. Israel is an amazingly beautiful country with a vast variety of options, styles and types of private tours in a relatively small area. This gives you the option to choose where you would like to focus on your private tour. We will customize your private tour in Israel according to your desires, dreams and wishes.
Another advantage of the private tours in Israel is that if the original plan turns out to be too extreme, not extreme enough, or if the weather does not seem to cooperate with the planned tour, it is possible to change your private tour at the last moment. Everything is very flexible and open to spontaneous changes. This is one of the biggest advantages of the private tour. As well, on a private tour, we are able to consider every individual on the tour. We specialize in making sure every person receives the tour they dreamed of. From the teenager, senior, and adult to the child. Our specialty is to integrate everyone’s wish in a way which exceeds everyone’s expectations. Another big advantage of a private tour is that you are able to change the regular and determined route whenever you wish, and to see a site or two that were not on the original itinerary.
In addition to the extreme activities we have many private tours in Israel which emphasize ethnic and culinary delights, wines, spirituality, and so on. If you like nature, your private tour of Israel will include spectacular nature reserves, national parks, waterfalls, off-the-beaten-track special sites, caves, desert, mountains and animals. If you want to extend your time sitting by a lake or waterfall, no problem at all, you are on a private tour where you decide when to stop and when to proceed to the next activity.

Advantage of a Israel Private Tour

One of the biggest advantages of a private tour are all the people you will meet along the way and the ability to stop and talk a bit, to be exposed to the local culture without the need to rush and follow the “group”. You get to move at your own pace deciding when you want to eat and which kind of restaurant, where you want to sleep, and when you want to move on the next activity and when you want to rest. If you get a little tired on one of the tours you can rest where and when you like, and won’t feel uncomfortable that the “group” is waiting for you.
People think that a private tour is a great deal more money than a group tour. This is not always true. There are many organized tours whose price is equal to our private tour. Even if a private tour is a little bit more expensive than an original tour, the major difference in comfort will compensate for the difference in price. A private tour in Israel, custom tailored by Israel Extreme, will allow you to tour without worries and with a relaxed mind. On one hand, you have an Israel tour guide with you who knows the local secrets, where you should visit, what you should avoid, and on the other hand you are travelling at your own pace. Israel Private tours custom tailored to you combine the best of both worlds. You travel at your own pace, in the style you desire. If you are cultured people, your Israel private tour will include many stops at museums and cultural sites and will skip the more adventurous attractions that less interest you.