Run, Run Out as Fast as You Can

hikes in israel

During this insane time of Corona, we are yet again finding ourselves facing another lockdown. While some of us introverts perhaps in the beginning of this episode were thrilled to be left alone, we are now sick of it! So with the time left before lockdown, we are running outside! What better place to run to than a crystal fairy land?! The Salt Wonder is like no site you have ever seen before. This natural phenomenon has only been seen in two locations in the entire world – you’re in luck because one of them is right here in Israel! We in Israel Extreme are the only touring company that can take you to this hidden treasure.

Our adventure begins at the lowest place on Earth 1370 feet below sea level with a steep uphill hike to the top of a natural salt mountain. Careful! Don’t lose your footing! With each step, we will have plenty of time to marvel at the awe-inspiring views of the Dead Sea spreading out beneath our feet and the mountains of Jordan just beyond. Once we reach the top, our hike will reach a cozy canyon where a mysterious and substantially sized hole will lead us deep into the belly of the Earth. Your guide will set up ropes to belay each person – one at a time – nearly 300 feet down through a chimney that gradually widens. Take a good look around on your way down! Feeling hungry on your way and you just happened to forget your salt for your cucumber?! Go ahead and swipe some off the walls! There is no shortage here! This is one if not the most unique rappelling adventures in all of Israel. Your eyes will pop with wonder at the multi-hued salt crystal walls.

Once everyone has reached the bottom, this is where the real spelunking hike begins. Unlike limestone caves where stalagmites form into nearly shapeless cones, the salt crystals of this cave grow into beautiful and extraordinary shapes that glitter in different colours from your headlamp beam! During our adventures spelunking through this cave, we will need to crawl through tight spots, climb into huge chambers, and see sights that hardly any human beings have laid their eyes upon. Our exploration of the Salt Wonder’s surreal underground beauty will end when we eventually pop out by the beach of the Dead Sea. This tour can be done as a day hike, but to add an extra bit of magic – I would highly recommend going either at sunrise or doing a night hike. Whether it’s the vivid and bursting colours of the sunrise, or seeing thousands of sparkling diamonds high above you, you cannot lose with these choices.