We’re Flying!

As children we all clambered on to the swing set and tried with all our might to pump ourselves over the bar. But despite our best efforts, we could never pull that off. However, we did close our eyes and imagine what it was like to fly. The sensation of our bodies becoming weightless at times, with the air swishing in our ears. It all aided this dream. Now as an adult, you can fulfill your childhood dream! Tandem mountain paragliding in Israel is one of the most incredible experiences you will ever have. Israel’s geographic location makes it an excellent location for paragliding. From a bird’s eye view, we will gaze down at the mountains, breathe in the fresh air, and glide in the brilliant radiance of the sun. Flying through the open and vast sky, we will glide using only the air currents as our engine as we are suspended from our paraglider. The exciting thing about this tour is that you are in complete control over whether you would like a calm and tantalizing glide, or for the thrill seeker, you can choose an extreme and adrenaline filled flight!

Tandem gliders are designed to carry the weight of two people with no engine. You are seated in a completely secure harness in the front of your instructor, which in turn is connected to the glider and to each other by spreader bars. This seating arrangement allows you to take in the complete and vivid panoramic view with no obstructions. Under the supervision of your instructor, you will have the chance to take the controls and experience the sensation of flying a paraglider yourself! Due to bad weather, please keep in mind that paragliding is weather dependent. Because it is weather dependent, we here in Israel Extreme have different locations that vary in their weather conditions. Mount Tavor which is located in the center of the Jizreel Valley, at the top of the mountain is an ancient church which contains years of history itself. Along this valley, you are surrounded by mountains and stunning fields. Another unique location is Mount HaAri. This mountain is incredibly high sitting at 1047 meters right at the top of a Druze village, Beit Jann. The view from here is something that you cannot nor will you ever forget. A good majority of days, the clouds will be under you!

The special thing about paragliding is that you need no previous experience. Anyone can enjoy this adventure, even from the age of six and up! Tandem paragliding is easy and it only requires a few steps before you are gently lifted off the ground and into the sky. Our adventure begins at the top of the mountain and our landing point with either be the same spot we began in, or at the bottom of the mountain.