Run, Run Out as Fast as You Can

During this insane time of Corona, we are yet again finding ourselves facing another lockdown. While some of us introverts perhaps in the beginning of this episode were thrilled to be left alone, we are now sick of it! So with the time left before lockdown, we are running outside! What better place to run to than a crystal fairy land?! The Salt Wonder is like no site you have ever seen before. This natural phenomenon has only been seen in two locations in the entire world – you’re in luck because one of them is right here in Israel! We in Israel Extreme are the only touring company that can take you to this hidden treasure.

Our adventure begins at the lowest place on Earth 1370 feet below sea level with a steep uphill hike to the top of a natural salt mountain. Careful! Don’t lose your footing! With each step, we will have plenty of time to marvel at the awe-inspiring views of the Dead Sea spreading out beneath our feet and the mountains of Jordan just beyond. Once we reach the top, our hike will reach a cozy canyon where a mysterious and substantially sized hole will lead us deep into the belly of the Earth. Your guide will set up ropes to belay each person – one at a time – nearly 300 feet down through a chimney that gradually widens. Take a good look around on your way down! Feeling hungry on your way and you just happened to forget your salt for your cucumber?! Go ahead and swipe some off the walls! There is no shortage here! This is one if not the most unique rappelling adventures in all of Israel. Your eyes will pop with wonder at the multi-hued salt crystal walls.

Once everyone has reached the bottom, this is where the real spelunking hike begins. Unlike limestone caves where stalagmites form into nearly shapeless cones, the salt crystals of this cave grow into beautiful and extraordinary shapes that glitter in different colours from your headlamp beam! During our adventures spelunking through this cave, we will need to crawl through tight spots, climb into huge chambers, and see sights that hardly any human beings have laid their eyes upon. Our exploration of the Salt Wonder’s surreal underground beauty will end when we eventually pop out by the beach of the Dead Sea. This tour can be done as a day hike, but to add an extra bit of magic – I would highly recommend going either at sunrise or doing a night hike. Whether it’s the vivid and bursting colours of the sunrise, or seeing thousands of sparkling diamonds high above you, you cannot lose with these choices.


Beating The Heat

In the peak of the Summer season here in Israel, we are all searching for a place of refuge from the heat! Rather than hiding away indoors, we’d rather hunt for a more natural solution. Israel has an astonishing amount of water hikes, particularly some bewildering hidden spots. Some of our favourites include the Zaki Trail, Ein Tina, the Banias Hike, Nachal Gilabon, and the Black Canyon.

The Zaki trail is fresh flowing spring water. It is encompassed by enchanting and picturesque vegetation. While it is hot, it is highly enjoyable even in the sun. The Zaki River travels from the top of the Golon Heights, and down towards the Kinneret. Our hike follows the river’s path along the valley with colossal slippery volcanic stones and extensive lava boulders to climb over. But let’s not overlook the water! It reaches up to your knees at certain points and even up to your hips at others. The Zaki Water Adventure is one of our most exciting water adventures around. Along the trail there are several pools we’ll need to swim through in order to continue our hike, and the water’s temperature is perfect to splash around in the heat! Please just be mindful of the river turtles and large variety of fish that call the Zaki River their home. With the Golan Heights behind and the inspiring views of the Kinneret before you, there is no doubt that this is the perfect meeting point for both regions!

Ein Tina is a concealed treasure, and you will have the chance to not only enjoy the refreshing spring and waterfall – but we’ll have chances to rest and relax in its cool and shady green environment as well. Located at the top of the waterfall, you will be able to see an old flour mill which once used water power to grind its flour for the locals once upon a time. The trail is through water, and the spring is swimmable. You will need your swimwear and some alternative clothing to change into later. This adventure will be wet, but fun! For those who do not wish to get wet, or are traveling with little children, there is also a dry path alongside the spring.

The Black Canyon is a full-day adventure that leads deep into a canyon of volcanic stone. This unmarked hike is located in a closed national park and is reserved only for groups led by licensed tour guides. The hike includes a lot of climbing over massive lava boulders, and is not at all a standard trail! Once we enter the canyon, we’ll need to navigate through the jungle, and not along paths. This trail is exhilarating and will bring you through lush, and wild jungle of the Golan Heights. You will see vivid and beautiful birds, small animals, and plenty of water! Ninety percent of this venture is near on in the water, ranging anywhere from ankle to knee deep! We will even need to rappel through three waterfalls! Swimming and rappelling are required for this adventure – and we provide life jackets if you need. Participants need to be in good shape, and the good news is eighty-five percent of the time it’s downhill! There is a 22 NIS Israeli National Park entrance fee for adults over eighteen years old, and 10 NIS fee for children under eighteen years of age. This must be paid at the park when we enter.

No matter the climate, you name it, we have it! We here in Israel Extreme strive to bring you and your family to new sites, and create memories that will last for a lifetime!


Family Time in Israel

The Chagim are just around the corner, and families all across Israel are beginning to ponder ‘what should we do with the kids?!’

We have all done the usual run of the mill activities of going to the seashore, or the zoo. Why not step off the beaten track and find yourself doing one of the most exciting and fun activities in Israel?! When it comes to outdoor adventures here in Israel, Israel Extreme is the best private touring company with plenty of choices for all ages. From epic skydiving adventures, to climbing the most scenic mountains – there are activities perfect for the entire family.

One of our most popular sites for families is the Via Feratta. This is a cliff found at the top of the Ramim Cliff which sits right above Kiryat Shemonah. It is a family favourite because it is the only cliff in all of Israel where people can experience the Italian sport called Via Feratta. To begin our journey, we start down a short hill towards the magnificent cliff nicknamed ‘Liar Cliff’ by its many rock climbing and sport enthusiast fans – curious why? Ask your tour guide! Once standing at the top of the cliff, the view itself is breathtaking. After taking in the views, we kick off our escapade by rappelling down the cliff until we reach the bottom. Rappelling really is not too intimidating. It is a fantastic way to step into your own confidence! One our entire group has reached the bottom, together we will continue to the unique Italian sport, Via Feratta, and get ready with our gear! Once everyone has their gear, we will begin to walk on the face of the rock using cables, rungs, and metal handles that uses an already built-in climbing course that is full of fun and adventure! The Via Feratta path leads us to a spacious lookout that provides a bird’s eye view of the scenery around, and gives a visual access to hills which many tourists have never seen before. Sitting high above the Hula Valley, with Mount Hermon before you, and the Golan Heights stretching endlessly outwards towards the South for sure will embed memories for you and your family for years to come. When we finish the Via Feratta course, we will find ourselves at the bottom of the cliff and will have a free rock climbing experience where we can go as fast or slow as you are comfortable with! The cliff has many different routes you can choose from, and is perfect for beginners and/or experts. The best part is that you will be able to meet other rock climbers and enjoy the extreme atmosphere all around you. After our crusade, we will continue on with a short drive to a nearby fortress built by ancient crusaders called the Hunin Fortress. Here we will have the option to enjoy the especially hidden and impressive fortress with enormous rooms and massive stones with a vast amount of history. During the Summer season, we have the option of climbing down a ladder to the water tank that is camouflaged under the fortress where we can even go for a swim! What other perfect ending is there for a hot Summer day?!


Trekking Through Corona Times

Many of us are sitting at home looking out our windows wondering, “when will this insanity end?!”

Never before have we experienced something that has stopped the entire world in its tracks so to speak. We used to drive to the supermarket without any qualms. We once were able to hug whomever we wanted. Now, the mere thought of any of those two activities sends us skidding to a halt.

While activities centered around people might be slightly difficult to accomplish right now, there is a life ring amidst this pandemic. Nature. We here in Israel Extreme are proud that we take our clients off the beaten track, which means you are nowhere near people and crowds. We have opened up new sites such as the Nachal Gilbon! This luscious site is located in the Golan Heights and is one of the most famous streams known in Israel. It contains a steep descent into the Hula Valley and carves its way into the Jordan near what is known as the “cork bridge”. This stream has a flow of water all year round and along its edges grows thick and rich vegetation such as oak and fig trees, river hawthorns, and many more species. Once inside the creek the view itself needs a few moments to take in. The view itself attracts avid hikers from all over the country.

We begin our adventure in the parking lot and from here we make our way onto the marked path towards the creek channel that leads to ‘Deborah’s Waterfall’. This area is actually named after an ancient Syrian village that is nearby. Further down the trail, as we walk towards the creek, after about 2km we will reach the top of the incredibly breathtaking Gilbon Waterfall! This awe inspiring waterfall is a jaw dropping 50m high and is the highest flowing waterfall in all of Israel. At this point, we begin our descent off of the marked path and begin walking to the top of the waterfall by following our guide who will prepare the abseiling position. Now for the moment we all dream of, one by one, we will connect our ropes and glide over the strong and powerful waterfall all the way to the bottom where a large pool of water awaits! Once we splash our way in, we’ll swim across the pool and once ashore, we’ll take a moment to take in the huge falls we just slid down! Once we finish disconnecting from our ropes, we will continue onto the marked trail and climb back towards the parking lot where we first began our journey.

This is an incredibly unique and rare opportunity for an extreme abseiling experience. Not only are the views enough to send the most experienced hiker into their own paradise, but it is a great adventure and a great way to cool down from this heat we are experiencing!

Climbing Out of Corona


We are finally getting off the couch and out of the house!

Everybody knows during this Corona period, we are beginning to lose our minds with the kids at home. Maybe some if not all of them are beginning to climb the walls! With that said, why not go outside and give them something that isn’t so breakable to climb and jump off of?! It will definitely save your furniture! One of our tour guides favourite spots to take his small army is the Banias River. The special thing about this location is that for the most part, it’s completely secret to everyone else except for the locals! If you decide to google it, you’ll come across the Banias Nature Reserve. This is not our hidden paradise. Our hidden location takes you from the Kibbuts Snear to the village Sha’ar Yeshuv. The hike is mostly downhill, and takes you incredibly close to the river’s main source. From here we will splash our way all the way to the Jordan River (not a good idea for the littles). If you take the plunge in the right season and you happen to need a light snack, there are scrumptious grapes and dates growing right off the vines!

As we reach the rivers crossing, we will glide right over an intricate wooden bridge that is engulfed with spectacular views and wild blooms. If you look carefully, you’ll spot the remains of an old Syrian tank that was disposed of in the river, along with a Syrian bunker strategically placed just above the settlement.

Still looking for more ideas? Another fantastic location is Ein Gedi. Not only is this hike incredibly flexible and great for all ages, but there are multiple trails that you can choose from. Whatever your time availability may be, ranging from one hour to six hours, we have you covered! During our trek with you, you will have many tempting areas to rest, swim, and explore as much as your heart desires! Ein Gedi is a Nature Reserve and an oasis with a rich variety of plant and animal life, along with what remains of an ancient community. The hidden beauty on this adventure is the hidden waterfall. Whether you want to hike on dry land, or in the streambed, this is a trip you will not forget anytime soon!

Remaining indoors for days on end is not easy to manage let alone breathe through. The good news about our adventures here in Israel Extreme is that our tour guides are personally tailored just for you, and we are taking you off the beaten path. Nobody else in the country does what we do. With this said, we look forward to hearing from you and burning off all that pent up energy!!

Hiking in Israel – with Israel Extreme

You know when you go on holiday, and you left it to the last minute, and just bought flights and booked a hotel, and have no other plans in place? We did that last year, and went to Israel. We knew we wanted to go out and discover the countryside, go off the beaten track as it were. We are a big fan of hikes, here at home as well, and certainly wanted to pack in some days of hiking. But, when you go to a place you don’t know, and you aren’t sure how safe everywhere is, its hard!

So we did what everyone does, went on to the internet. We found a company that looked like it could arrange what we needed. Israel Extreme arrange hiking, rock climbing and all sorts of other Extreme Trips. So we called them, and I have to say, we were very pleasantly surprised from our first contact. Seriously good, “American style” customer service! We spoke to their Tour Director, who after asking about who we were and what we were looking for, emailed us a fantastic number of hikes, that all looked so good that we had real trouble deciding what to choose. For us hiking in Israel is a great way to get to know an area, but in Israel there are so many beautiful places to hike in, that it is very hard to decide where to go.

In the end we chose the Zaki water hike. As our youngest is just 4, we wanted a fairly easy hike. This hiking takes places in the beautiful Golan Heights, and goes down towards the Gallilee, with views of the Kinneret as you descend. We swam when it got too hot, and took rests along the way. The guide was amazing, and we learnt so much about the area and the history. We all had a fantastic day out.
We left a 5 star review on trip advisor, and hope to go back to try another of their hikes next year. We can certainly recommend Israel Extreme if you want to hike in Israel!