Extreme Sports in Israel

extreme sport in israel

Extreme Sports in Israel with Israel Extreme. You haven’t experienced Israel if you haven’t done Extreme Sports in Israel with Israel Extreme. What are Extreme Sports? Extreme Sports is a relatively new term to describe a bunch of highly intense activities which often involve natural phenomena such as mountains, snow, wind, water and caves. Extreme […]

Run, Run Out as Fast as You Can

During this insane time of Corona, we are yet again finding ourselves facing another lockdown. While some of us introverts perhaps in the beginning of this episode were thrilled to be left alone, we are now sick of it! So with the time left before lockdown, we are running outside! What better place to run […]

Beating The Heat

Black Canyon with Israel Extreme

In the peak of the Summer season here in Israel, we are all searching for a place of refuge from the heat! Rather than hiding away indoors, we’d rather hunt for a more natural solution. Israel has an astonishing amount of water hikes, particularly some bewildering hidden spots. Some of our favourites include the Zaki […]

Family Time in Israel

The Chagim are just around the corner, and families all across Israel are beginning to ponder ‘what should we do with the kids?!’ We have all done the usual run of the mill activities of going to the seashore, or the zoo. Why not step off the beaten track and find yourself doing one of […]

Trekking Through Corona Times

Many of us are sitting at home looking out our windows wondering, “when will this insanity end?!” Never before have we experienced something that has stopped the entire world in its tracks so to speak. We used to drive to the supermarket without any qualms. We once were able to hug whomever we wanted. Now, […]

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