Jordan River Rafting

Seriously, on a hot, sweltering summer day in Israel, is there any place better to be than in cool, refreshing water? Or maybe you don’t particularly like the idea of getting wet, but you still want to be cool? As in COOL!! Well, look no further, rafting on the Jordan River is just that perfect place!
Rafting on the Jordan River is a fantastic activity for all ages, whether you are 5 years old, or 75 years old! Unlike other rafting adventures, the Jordan River is the ideal place for everyone to have an awesome day of fun. Whether you’re lazily floating down the river, or yahooing it on the white water sections, it’s nothing but pure fun fun fun for everyone.
Don’t want to be out in the exposed hot sun all day? No problem! Rafting on the Jordan River is also a great mid-day summer activity because much of the route winds through beautiful shady areas. Feeling hot? You’re just a splash away from being cooled off…..
Here at Israel Extreme we offer you not only rafting on the Jordan River, but our special VIP service that goes along with it! Don’t want to deal with the crowds and headaches and long lines? Don’t like getting back in the car with sopping wet clothes? Sign up for our special VIP service, and those days are long gone! Upon arrival you will have a changing room to change into spare clothes both before and after your adventure, and when you’re ready to start your rafting trip – yallah! No lines as you’ll be escorted straight to your raft! You will also have your own personal guide to escort you the entire trip.

Jordan River Rafting

This year in particular you can expect even more an even more exciting adventure rafting on the Jordan, due to the exceptionally heavy rainfall this past winter in Israel. More water means a higher water level and faster flow, so the mighty Jordan River is indeed mightier this year!
Be sure to pack up some yummy snacks for your rafting adventure, you will want to take a break and sit on the dry banks and soak up the beauty all around you. Or you can watch the many others having some serious water fights as they float down the river.
If you’re looking for a great way to escape the summer heat, but don’t want to sit in an air conditioned room to do so, then check out Rafting on the Jordan River with Israel Extreme! You’ll want to come back again!

Off the Beaten Track Hikes

Welcome to my article about off the beaten track hikes. Off the beaten track hikes are. Wait, let’s back track (no pun intended). What does the expression “off the beaten track” mean? According to the Cambridge Dictionary, and those people are super smart, “off the beaten track” is defined as:
“Not known or popular with many people”
So why would people choose hikes that are off the beaten track as opposed to hikes that everyone does? This is essentially a philosophical question. The answer is because we want to be different. Being unique and feeling unique and being appreciated and respected as unique is our oxygen. It’s why we dress differently, talk differently, think differently, because we want to stand out.

When it comes to travel, or touring, we want to go to that place no one has gone to. We want to take selfies in that exotic country in a place where nobody has been to. We want to go and we want to brag about it. We want to experience the fact that we came to a place that has not yet been beaten and we beat it!
Another reason why “off the beaten track” is so popular is because it takes people out of their routine. We like adventure. We like uncertainty. This may not be how we think day to day but this is definitely how we think when we travel. We wonder, “let me go this way and let’s see where it takes me.” There is nothing more exciting than making your own personal impression in this world and saying, “I conquered this challenge.”

Off the beaten track also means going off your own personal beaten track. Everything you are comfortable doing is your beaten track. This gets boring and boring is death. We want to go off the beaten track and try new things. We want to skydive, we want to ride a motorcycle, we want to bungee jump, we want to make that public speech, we want to do it, and we must do it.
So returning to the original subject of “Off the Beaten track hikes,” we have now defined why people do them. So where can we find these kind of hikes? Israel Extreme! Israel Extreme specializes in off the beaten track hikes and tours. You can skydive, rappel, go into awesome and challenging caves, you can hike, you can paraglide, you can do extreme rafting, dead sea boating, and do so many other things that will make you both question and exclaim, “I did that?!”

If you want to live, going off the beaten track, is the way to do it. The term dead-alive refers to someone who is living but is as if dead. Being adventurous, being a risk taker, achieving things that you didn’t think achievable, in other words beating the unbeaten path, this is what will bring you back to life.
The wise men said, that in order to live you must die. One should not understand this literally. But what they meant is that to live, you must get out of your comfort zone, you must take risks, you must do things that scare the heck out of you. In other words, you must take the road less traveled and this is only achieved “off the beaten path.”

Israel National Trail

Walk the trail of your life and watch the magic unfold. The Israel National Trail has been rated one of the top 20 world trails in the national geographic magazine, and it is not surprising. Avraham Tamir, was inspired by his hike through the Appalachian Trail and so, he brought this vision home to Israel. Yariv Ya’ari was the first person to hike the entire trail in 1994 and it took him 21 days. The average hiker can do this trail in 40-60 days. The Trail spans approximately 1100 km (683 miles) through forestation and Desert Mountains. 10,000 hikers travel the Israel National Trail a year and growing. The Hike starts at Kibbutz Dan, near the border of Lebanon in the far north all the way to Eilat in the far south of Israel. Hikers particularly love this trail since the people you get to meet are amazing, even the nearby Kibutzim open their home to hikers traveling through. There are Trial Angels you get to meet in spontaneous parts of the hike, that offer you water, showers, transportation, or any other help you may need. The history, culture, landscape, and good vibes bring people together in a way that lasts forever.

Here is a list of supplies to bring on you Israel National Trail : Pack Wisely!

What should I pack for Israel national trail? Here is a list of things you need to prepare for your Israel National Trail.

Preparations for Israel National Trail – Packing list:

Walking Boots

Walking sticks


3-4 L of water per day. (Stash water before hike, especially in the desert south area)

Head Lamp with extra batteries

A National Trail Red Guide Book


A lightweight tent

A mat

Sleeping Bag

Lightweight pan



A mug

Spoon and Fork

A few lighters

First Aid Kit


Toothbrush and toothpaste

Hand moisturizer


Duct Tape

Warm hat

Waterproof jacket

Fleece shirts

Cotton shirts


Comfortable hiking pants

T shirts

Bathing suite

Wool socks



The Israel National Trail is an amazing hike that shows you the beauty of Israel’s nature hidden here in the Middle East. You will meet people that leave an everlasting impression as well as lots of wildlife. Each Sunrise and Sunset will heal your soul and inspire a new you to break through the surface. You can hike the Israel National Trail in your own way and time, you can choose to hike just certain parts of the trail if hiking the whole way sounds overwhelming. There is also a possibility to plan this with a private tour guide that takes care of the logistics and preparations for you. You can hike to Tel Aviv, or start in Tel Aviv depending on which direction you with to explore. The Israel National Trail is an experience that is well worthwhile!