Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll provide you all of the details you need before the summer,
but here is some information to help you get started.

Also feel free to contact our Camp Director,

Moshe with any additional questions at  +972-52-647-8474 from abroad, or from within Israel at 052-647-8474 

or contact our Camp Director, Daniel  +972-52-668-0976 from abroad, or from within Israel at 052-668-0976.

Q:  Who are the counselors/staff?

A:   IEAC is staffed by experienced counselors (madrichim) with proven leadership capabilities. Not only are they counselors, but they also act as role models and educators. They have all been hand-picked for their excellent interpersonal skills and patience, and are all ex-special forces soldiers.

The camp staff at IEAC, as well as the logistical and administrative staff, consists of adults aged 21-55, with background and extensive experience in education with youth from Israel and from overseas. During the year, our madrichim work as tour guides, offering once-in-a-lifetime adventures that are the highlight of our clients’ experience in Israel.

In addition, all of our staff speak at least two languages (English and Hebrew); and are professional, caring, educators!

Q:  Where are most campers from?

A:   Our camp is intended for English speaking teens. Our campers come from israel, USA, and literally from all over the world.

Q:  When is the deadline for applying?

A:  There is no official deadline since its determinded by registration. Once we fill up our limitied capacity we close enrollment. We have learned in the past that we tend to fill up months in advance. We encourage you to apply as soon as possible so you may be guaranteed your spot.

Q:  What does Israel Extreme Adventure Camp include in the price?

A:   The fee includes: Accommodations, transportation, meals, snacks, beverages, activity costs, all technical equipment, and entrance fees. It does not include airfare and spending money. In addition, each camper is required to purchase a medical insurance policy which will cover them during their time at camp.

Q:  What is your approach to safety and security?

A:   IEAC holds the group’s safety and security as their highest priority. We treat each and every camper and staff member like a member of our own family. The safety and security of our campers always comes first. Therefore, we always plan our itineraries to avoid areas of concern.

In addition, parents are provided with telephone numbers of all Camp office personnel and staff who can be contacted 24/7.  .

IEAC is located in a safe and protected area, far from any area of conflict, based in Tzfat with meticulous and orderly safety regulations.

IEAC staff will prevent any camper from participating in any activity that endangers his or her safety and/or disregards any of the safety regulations.

The camp is staffed 24 hours a day by people trained and licensed to deal with issues of safety, security, and health (a medic is on location 24 hours a day).

Our staff are monitoring Israel’s security situation on an ongoing basis and our entire staff is prepared to act quickly to alter plans if the need arises. As well, IEAC staff are in ongoing contact with the security agencies overseeing student and tourist travel in Israel.

We ensure participant safety by:

  • Coordinating all tours with the proper authorities.
  • Conducting all tours in safe and secluded areas away from centers of conflict.
  • Including security and first-aid responders on all tours.
  • Providing each participant with a 24/7 emergency contact number.
  • Using private transportation for all tours.

Q:  What is the food/kashrut standards like?

A:   Three delicious, healthy and nutritious kosher meals are served daily. In addition, snacks and beverages are served throughout the day and evening. All food that we serve is kosher under the supervision of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel (Harabanut Harashit L’Yisrael).

Q:  Can you accommodate special dietary needs?

A:   Please indicate on the registration form if you have any dietary or health concerns, and our staff will be in touch with you to discuss your particular needs.

Q:  Does Israel Extreme Adventure Camp offer discounts?

A:   IEAC offers the following discounts:

  • $500 Early Bird Discount: Register before January 15, 2019, and save $300 or receive a $500 credit towards your next tour with Israel Extreme, valid for the next 20 months.
  • SAVE another $60: Pay in full at registration and save $30 or receive a $60 credit towards your next tour with Israel Extreme, valid for the next 20 months.
  • $300 Sibling Discount: Take off $150 for each additional child registered, or receive a $300 credit towards your next tour with Israel Extreme, valid for the next 20 months.
  • $400 Bring a Friend Discount: Refer a friend and when they register save $200, or a receive a $400 credit towards your next tour with Israel Extreme, valid for the next 20 months.

Q:  When is a good time to apply for or renew a passport?

A:   Right now. Check your passport as soon as possible to make certain it will be valid for this summer and for a minimum of six months after the program begins, as required. If you do not have a passport or if you need to renew your current passport, it is important to do so as soon as possible. Passport delivery takes approximately six weeks, but may take up to four months during peak travel seasons.

Q:  Will there be a staff member at Ben Gurion Airport to meet campers when they arrive?

A:   Yes. a staff member will be meeting each camper at their arrival gate. Prior to booking any flights please confirm the details with the Israel Extreme office to be certain that we can have someone be there.

Q:  Will you assist me with flight arrangements?

A:   Yes, we will be more than happy to. Just let us know.

Q:  Do I need particular technical skills or experience?

A:   No. Whatever you need to know will be taught to you by our staff.

Q:  Do I need to be in good physical shape?

A:   IEAC is an adventurous, exciting program that includes hiking and physical activities. Campers need to be in good health, motivated, excited to participate, and have no physical limitations.

Q:  What do I need to know to prepare for the Israel Extreme Adventure Camp experience?

A:   All registered campers will receive detailed information before the start of the program. If you have any questions or concerns before that, we will be more than happy to speak with you.

Q:  What will the weather be like?

A:   The summer in Israel is hot. For that reason we choose to base our camp, and most of our activities, in the green, lush north, where the temperatures are more comfortable. Tours will be appropriate for the weather, and will include water hikes, water sports, and caving to keep you cool!

Q:  What if I need medical care?

A:   Our priority will always be the health and well-being of your child. A local physician or other health care provider, recommended by Israel Extreme, will treat your child for routine non-emergency medical conditions. Additionally, a medic is on location 24 hours a day, and staff are trained and authorized to deal with issues of safety, security, and health. Each camper is required to purchase their own medical insurance policy to cover unforeseen medical expenses.

Q:  Does IEAC provide health insurance?

A:   While IEAC is insured, every camper is required to purchase a local medical insurance policy for the duration of our program. We offer a student and travel health insurance policy that may be purchased at a reasonable price.

Q: What if I’m taking medication?

A. IEAC will do everything possible within the context of a camp to accommodate campers with medical conditions that may require medications. Please give us a call to discuss your circumstances. All inquiries and information shared will always be kept strictly confidential.

Q:  Do I need spending money?

A:   Spending money for miscellaneous items such as gifts and souvenirs, is not included in the tuition cost, so feel free to bring spending money with you.

Q:  Can you provide me with references?

A:   Certainly, if joining Israel Extreme Adventure Camp sounds great, and you would really like to speak with one of our clients first, we would be happy to make the connection. Just give us a call or send us an email.

Q:  Is the camp for me if I’m not religious?

A:   Yes! IEAC is a Kosher and shomer Shabbat camp. Our program strives to provide each camper with a strong Jewish identity with a zionist approach to the land of Israel. We welcome all streams of Judaism and make sure each particapant is comfortable regardless of their background.

Q:  How can I get more information?

A:  Feel free to call our Camp Directors.

Moshe  +972-52-647-8474 from abroad, or from within Israel at 052-647-8474 

Daniel  +972-52-668-0976 from abroad, or from within Israel at 052-668-0976 if you have any questions. Also, feel free to email us at [email protected].

Q:  How can I apply?

A:  In order for your application to be considered complete, you must:

1)  Send a $450 deposit to reserve your child’s place in camp. Payment may be made via credit card or bank transfer.

2) Submit all forms with all questions answered completely and honestly found here: documents and forms.

3)   Send a photocopy of the camper’s passport via email to [email protected] , or by fax at +972-4-688-0800 from outside Israel, or at 04-688-0800 from within Israel.



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