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We offer a wide variety of fun adventure tours in israel for all ages, customized to fit your interests and skills. We also do Israel Bar Mitzvah Tours!

Our company is built on :

  • Reliability
  • Safety (We have a perfect record!)
  • Attention to detail
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Building a long-lasting personal relationship with our customers
  • Tailoring each tour to the client’s needs

 Extreme sports:

Israel adventure tours: Caving (spelunking), rock climbing, bungee swoop, zip-lines, rappelling, skydiving and more!

Exciting Israel outdoor adventures sports:

ATVing tours, jeep tours, kayaking, hiking, water sports, horseback riding, canyoning, water hikes, paintball shooting and more

Israel private tour Special Interest Activities:

Historical, archeological and holy sites, antiquities, nature, geology, flora and fauna, Krav Maga, graves of Tzadikkim, and winery tours, and “Get-out-of-your-comfort zone” team building days.

We do complete event planning and tours for groups of all sizes and types: Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, outdoor and indoor parties, family vacations synagogue groups, camps, and schools as well as for individuals.

We can design your event to include adventure tours, camping trips, and helicopter and/or hot air balloon rides.

We have guides who speak English, Russian, French, Spanish, German, Yiddish, and of course Hebrew!



Israel Extreme offers a wide variety of fun and exciting outdoor private tours in Israel - adventure tours for all ages, customized to fit your interests and abilities.




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