Summer Camp in Israel Extreme

Israel  Extreme summer camp is created to be ALL about having the most fun while going on the best off-the-beaten-track adventures that Israel has to offer.

We will explore the multifaceted landscapes of Israel, through unique, off-the-beaten track hikes and adventures, all the while strengthening our connections with the land, Biblical history, and modern Israeli culture. Our action-packed camp itinerary provides two thrilling weeks of excitement and adventure…for the ultimate summer experience! Israel Extreme Adventure Camp will exceed your expectations of what you thought any summer camp could be.

While combining fun and adventure tours, with wilderness, survival, and self-defense training, our complete program is designed to imbue each camper with self-confidence, integrity, responsibility, a Jewish identity, leadership skills, a deep connection to the land of Israel, stress-management skills and techniques which will benefit them throughout their lives.

What really defines IEAC from all other camps?

When camps build their summer itineraries, they have to hire outside companies to plan and lead all their outdoor adventure tours. We know this because they hire us, Israel Extreme, to take their campers on the adventures tours that always turn out to be the highlights of their summer!

As the biggest adventure touring company in Israel year round, who provides these tours every single day of the year, this gives us the advatage to run a summer camp that has these amazing highlights every single day.

Just by looking at out daily itinerary you will see that no other camp can possibly run such an action packed schedule, because the cost would be completely unrealistic. Since we don’t need to hire any outside source to go on these amazing adventure tours, we are given the opportunity to offer you the best summer itinerary at an affordable price.


Our Israel Summer camp trips will include:

israel summer programs

1)     Water Sports

2)     Paragliding

3)     IDF Army Base Visits

4)     Spelunking (Caving in Israel)

5)     Water Hikes

6)     ATVing

7)     Jeep Tours

8)     Canyoneering

9)     Rappelling (Abseiling)

10)   Rappelling and Ropes Certification

11)    Krav Maga

12)    Navigation and Orienteering

13)    Survival and Wilderness Training

14)    Rock Climbing

15)    Horseback Riding

16)    Basic First-Aid Training

17)    Skydiving

18)   And More!


Our Israel Summer Camp Team

Our outstanding team, all of whom served in the military’s special-forces, have years of experience guiding and giving people the trip of a lifetime! Our daytime outdoor adventures and nightly BBQ’s and team building exercises, together provide campers a platform to learn to work together and improve decision making skills while getting to know other young people and forging special friendships.

The Atmosphere

Our goal is not just to teach our troopers outdoor safety rules, but how to experience the extreme outdoors safely. Campers will learn wilderness survival and self-defense skills and will be able to work together and support each other throughout the process.

Our camp is a coed camp for boys and girls. They will be in separate divisions of the same camp, while doing many of the adventures together and some separately. The boys will have their own male counselors, and the girls their own female counselors. There will be a healthy separation kept between the boys and girls divisions.

A Jewish atmosphere is part of Summer Camp in Israel . All food and drinks are kosher under the supervision of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel (Harabanut Harashit L’Yisrael). For all campers who want to pray, time for davening and transportation to a local synagogue will be provided day and night. Shabbat activities will reflect a true Shabbat atmosphere. The campers are not asked to keep Shabbat, but to respect that we do, and any and all campers who choose to as well. Israel Extreme Adventure Camp Shabbat programming will include guest speakers as well as hosting some of Israel’s lone soldiers.

Safety and Security

At Israel Extreme Adventure Camp we take security and safety very seriously and prioritize safety before all other matters. Our highly trained staff have extensive military backgrounds and experience protecting Israel from security threats. Israel Extreme Adventure Camp is founded on safety, responsibility, and personalized customer service. We are very proud of our perfect safety record.

We treat each and every camper and staff member like a member of our own family. The safety and security of our campers always comes first. Therefore, we always plan our itineraries to avoid areas of concern.

In addition, every camper is provided with telephone numbers of all Camp office personnel and staff who can be contacted 24/7.  Parents are provided with the same numbers.
IEAC is located in a safe and protected area, far from any area of conflict, based in Tzfat with meticulous and orderly safety regulations.
IEAC staff will prevent any camper from participating in any activity that endangers his or her safety and/or disregards any of the safety regulations.
The camp is staffed 24 hours a day by people trained and licensed to deal with issues of safety, security, and health.

Our staff are monitoring Israel’s security situation on an ongoing basis and our entire staff is prepared to act quickly to alter plans if the need arises. As well, IEAC staff are in ongoing contact with the security agencies overseeing student and tourist travel in Israel.

We ensure participant safety by:

  • Coordinating all tours with the proper authorities.
  • Conducting all tours in safe and secluded areas away from centers of conflict.
  • Including security and first-aid responders on all tours.
  • Providing each participant with a 24/7 emergency contact number.
  • Using private transportation for all tours.

Established in 2007 out of a deep love of the Land of Israel and a passion for exploring its natural beauty through exciting and adventurous activities, Israel Extreme is the biggest adventure tour company in Israel. Our experience offering some of the most divergent and extensive amount of outdoor adventures guarantees that you will have a one-of-a-kind summer experience!

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