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    Your Epic Israel Experience

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    Flying ATV / Paramotor in Israel

    Are you looking for….

    • Birds eye view of Israel!
    • Unique off-the-beaten track Adventure
    • North, South, and Center of the country
    • Private Family Time
    • Connection with the land of Israel
    • Memories that last a lifetime
    • First Class Service
    • Hands on learning about history and culture
    • All year round for all seasons

    Don’t miss out on your epic ISRAEL flight experience.

    GREAT! We’ve got you covered. We offer Flying ATV’s (baki) throughout the country. We offer flights through the mountains of the galilee and Golan, over the coast line near Tel Aviv, and through the mountains of the desert overlooking The Dead Sea. Choosing the right one depends on season of the year, amount of people and level of adventure you are looking for. We Build dream Paramotor / Fliying ATV flights that create HIGHLIGHT memories for travelers wanting MORE than just a site seeing vacation in Israel. Let’s take things to the NEXT LEVEL, get out FLY and EXPLORE.

    Just imagine sitting in a little ATV 3,000 ft. above the ground, flying through the mountains!

    “How do I find the BEST Flight option for me?”

    Contact us and one of our pilots will give you a call to understand what you’re looking for. Perhaps you’re traveling solo or in a big group, perhaps you want a short flight in the center of Israel or a long distance flight in the desert.

    Once we have learned more about you then we will send you great options (including cost) of custom Paramotor flights to choose from, built just for you! All flight options will work according to your location, age of ranges, and amount of people.

    Here are some fun facts about Flying ATV in Israel;

    • Gliding on the air currents, relying only on the wind is an unforgettable, thrilling experience!
    • No wind or thermals are needed. It can be launched in still air, and on level ground, by the pilot alone — no assistance is required.
    • It takes only a couple of seconds before you are gently lifted off the ground and into the sky, embarking on a journey that will provide you with excitement and unforgettable memories!
    • You choose the nature of your experience: calm and tantalizing, or extreme and adrenaline-filled. No previous flight experience is necessary for tandem flights; they can be enjoyed by just about anyone from the age of 6 and up!
    • Tandem Baki are designed to carry the weight of two people with an engine. You are seated in a secure harness behind your pilot. This seating arrangement allows you an unobstructed panoramic view.
    •  Under the supervision of your pilot you may take the controls and experience the sensation of flying yourself!
    • Great activity for families, big groups, or solo travelers.

    Coming to all those family packed landmarks?

    Israel in a few months? Coming to Israel over the Holidays? Want to avoid

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