Hiking in Israel


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    Hiking in Israel


    Life is better in hiking boots.

    It’s time to remember what it feels like to be alive, and now you finally can. Hiking with Israel Extreme gives you the chance to reconnect to the Land of Israel and experience the outdoors like never before. We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty and adventure. There is no end to the amount of adventure that awaits us, if only we seek.

    Why go hiking with Israel Extreme?

    • We can tailor your hike to any challenge level, from an easy trail to a multi-day cross-country trek.
    • You have the choice to include rappelling, bungee swing, swimming, and more.
    • We will design the hike to meet your skills, preferences and interests…
    • You get to choose the starting time, from an early sunrise hike to a night hike under the starry sky.
    • Enjoy connecting with our professional bilingual tour guides! They are super friendly and will enhance your hiking experience.
    •  We are proud of all our 5 star reviews on Trip Adviser and encourage you to read all our reviews!

    It’s important to find time for the things in life that make you happy, and Israel Extreme makes it easy to log off, shut down the devices, and go outside! We encourage our clients to not only see beautiful places but to see the beauty that is in every place. Exploring the land of Israel with Israel Extreme will allow you and your family to form a meaningful connection to the land and people of Israel.

    ‘When you have nothing to do and a world to see, explore the unseen.’


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