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    Awesome Paragliding in Israel, throughout the whole country!

    WE offer Tandem paragliding in the north, center, and south of Israel. We offer paragliding all seasons of the year, summer, winter, fall and spring. We offer paragliding above the coast line of the Mediterranean Sea, off the mountains, in the desert and in the Galilee and Golan called mountain paragliding. We even have long distance flights crossing throughout Israel, called cross country paragliding.

    How much does paragliding in Israel Cost?

    There are many variables around the price. It really depends on the season, the amount of people, and the flight length. Contact us in order for us to give you the flight experience you’re looking for with a price quote.


    We do custom tailored flights catered to what you want. If you want a ten minute flight over the sea great, if you would like a two hour flight to cross the whole country, we provide it.

    Speak to one of our pilots today, in order to create your dream paragliding adventure. Catered to your level and the right season.

    All of our paragliding flights are tandem paragliding. That means you are sitting in a chair in front of your instructor. This also gives you a non-obstructed breathtaking panoramic view, the entire flight!

    Paragliding in Israel IS…

    • GREAT for families, solo travelers or large groups.
    • No previous Paragliding experience is necessary.
    • Can be enjoyable for anyone from ages 3 and up!
    • Yes! You get to take control and experience the sensation of flying a paraglider yourself. (with the help of your instructor on board…obviously)
    • You are seated in FRONT of your instructor so you get to have a breathtaking view.
    • Israel’s geographic location makes it a GREAT paragliding friendly country.

    In order to find the best Paragliding trip for YOU and to get an exact price quote Contact Us so our Tour Director can have a better idea as to what you are looking for. We will than give you a call to plan the adventure of your dreams! We will build you a custom tailored itinerary and send it to you with exact prices.

    You can choose courage or you can choose comfort but you cannot choose both, unless you choose paragliding. A comfortable and smooth glide with lots of adrenaline. Tandem paragliding is easy. It takes only a couple of steps before you are gently lifted off the ground and into the sky, embarking on a journey that will provide you with a birds eye view of Israel’s true beauty.

    The breath taking views of the coast and mountains, the crisp air and excitement that travels through every cell of your body. Paragliding in Israel will wake you up to a new perspective that will last you a lifetime.

    Contact us to plan your Paragliding flight in Israel…..


    Contact Us to speak with one of our Pilots and create your dream flying adventure!