Tandem Skydiving in Israel


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    Tandem Skydiving in Israel

    Looking to discover your inner confidence? Go Skydiving in Israel with Israel Extreme!

    We encourage our clients to live for the moments you can’t put into words. To all those who jump no explanation is necessary. To those who don’t jump no explanation is even possible. Once you have tasted the sky you will forever look up. Skydiving in Israel is one of the most beautiful ways to have a bird’s eye view of this country. You will see Mount Hermon and beyond the greenery of the Golan heights all the way into Lebanon. You will be awed by sparkling bodies of water such as the Sea of Galilee and the majestic Mediterranean sea along the entire coast. The drop zone is conveniently located and is one of the most beautiful drop zones in the world!

    Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone. Skydiving in Israel is food for the soul for the extreme in life…

    Skydiving in Israel has always been at the top of the list for every adrenaline seeker. It is a great chance to feel the fear and do it anyway. Our jumping instructors are always available to answer any questions and share more details so you can decide if this once in a lifetime experience is for you.

    Skydiving Israel. Be free.

    Tandem Skydiving in Israel