Nachal Tamarim

Canyoning in Israel canyoneering in israel


Nachal Tamarim: We start the day near the Dead Sea at the bottom of the canyon and head into the desert. Eventually we turn and head into Nachal Tamarim through amazing scenery and panoramic views of the Dead Sea and the Jordanian mountains.

As we hike along the canyon we will come to some very high waterfalls that are dry most of the year, and fill with water only when it rains. Some of these falls have very interesting geological shapes carved by the water. The only way to pass those falls is by rappelling down the face of the falls – lots of fun!

We end the hike back where we started, at the beach of the Dead Sea. We are likely to see wild animals and birds, including eagles that nest in the cliffs.

This hike can also be done as an amazing night hike, which is especially beautiful on full-moon nights.

There is an option to do some really nice rock climbing at one of the dry waterfalls. This particular site it frequented by seasoned climbers.ntamarim-3