Signature Israel Extreme Dry Fit Polo
25 בJune 2017



Available in 4 sizes, extra small, small, medium and large. Our gloves come with a velcro piece for maximum comfort and an exact fit.


Whether you are climbing over rough terrain or rappelling over a rocky cliff, these gloves are an accessory creating a smooth experience…


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  1. Just received my eBags TLS Weekender and my initial impression is that it’s a very well built and well designed bag. I glad I finally found a really good bag that can serve as a backpack and a “professional” work bag by hiding the backpack straps and attaching the included shoulder strap. Went back and forth for a few days trying to decide between the TLS Slim Laptop bag and the TLS Weekender. I eventually decided on the weekender. I read some of the reviews on eBags site and was shocked to learn that there is a company out there that actually reads the reviews of their products, makes changes based on those reviews and if they can make improvements for existing owners they do free of charge. One customer commented that the bag should have a sternum strap. Instead of ignoring the customer or making a change for the next model and making people pay for another bag, they started including a sternum strap on new bags and offered a free one for existing customers who called customer service. In today’s world customer service like this is very hard to find. Because of examples like this and the superb quality of their produce eBags may have just added a lifelong customer.

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