Nachal Tamar

Nachal Tamar

A real canyoneering experience in the Judean desert!

This is a desert hike through a beautiful deep stone canyon with panoramic views. You will experience an intense canyoneering adventure with different technical methods to descend to the desert floor. Your entire body will be involved in this exciting hike. You will be gripping with your hands, balancing with your legs, and even scrambling and sliding. The hike includes ladders as it passes through a dry wadi that features birds, deer, and other desert animals in its steep descent to the Dead Sea. As we descend deeper into the canyon, it’s walls rise steeper and steeper.

There are many dry waterfalls created by rare flash floods that sweep through the landscape. We will descend through most of these dry waterfalls using fixed metal bars and thick knotted ropes attached to the canyon walls. We will rappel down two of the larger dry waterfalls, but this is optional. Those who prefer can use a fixed metal ladder to descend together with the security of being tied to ropes.

Be sure to bring your camera for this scenic experience!




  • Activities Included: Canyoneering in Israel Hikes with Rappelling
  • Type: Rappelling is Optional
  • Level: Calm & Moderate - No experience is necessary!
  • Ages: 4 - 80
  • Estimated Time: 2.5-4 hours
  • Season: Summer, Spring, Autumn, Winter
  • Location: Dead Sea Region see on map

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