Abirim Stalactite Cave

Abirim Stalactite Cave

Exclusively with Israel Extreme!

Discovered by Israel Extreme, this amazing stalagmite/stalactite cave is a new hidden cave, by far the most extraordinary in the Middle East. Israel Extreme is lucky enough to have some of our guides help discover, explore and map out the caves of Israel with the Israeli government. And therefore we are fortunate enough to be the ONLY tour company in Israel that knows the location of this cave. You can be sure you will be one of the lucky few to visit this underworld treasure to date.

A Whole New World to Discover!

When you enter this seemingly fairy tale castle as our past clients have described it, you will feel as if you are entering a whole new world…. Not even the makers of Disney would be able to create such a mystical, magical place…

Rappelling into the Cave!

To enter the cave we have to rappel over 100 feet down through a hole in the ground into a huge hall within the cave.  Once down, we will be greeted by the largest known herd of peaceful, magnificent, and curious salamanders in Israel. The further we go into the cave, the more beautiful it gets.  And just when you think it can’t get any more beautiful, you will be pleasantly surprised to experience a whole new beauty that you didn’t think existed in this world. A must – capture its majesty with pictures and videos!  You will be pleasantly surprised to discover your creativity in this underground fantasy world as well… Some of our clients describe the stalagmite and stalactite fixtures to look like imaginary sculptures and some describe them as animals food and even more… Every sense and faculty will be provoked in Abirim…


All in one, Rappelling, Hiking, Climbing!

We will be using ropes and gear throughout the cave in order to maneuver around the obstacles, and in some places in order to avoid damaging this special cave. There is hiking, climbing, crawling and rappelling involved.

Exiting the Same Way We Entered!

We must exit the cave the same way we enter. Using specialized equipment we will climb back up the ropes to our starting point above ground. Abirim Cave is a perfect tour choice all year round as the temperature remains cool in the summer and pleasant in the winter; it maintains a constant year-round temperature of 77 degrees Fahrenheit/25 degrees Celsius.

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