Agam HaNistar

 Agam HaNistar “Hidden Lake” (Ein Machtzevah)

Agam HaNistar is a beautiful, large, and tranquil unknown lake hidden in the middle of the western Galilee. While standing on the cliffs above the lake you will have a pastoral, breath-taking panoramic view of Acco, Haifa and the western Galilee. As a result of quarry action a big sink hole opened up exposing a natural underground spring which filled the quarry making for us a fabulous clean, clear, fresh water lake.

It is completely hidden inside the mountains. It is impossible to see this lake until you are a few steps from the edge of the cliff looking over. Hence the name “Agam HaNistar/Hidden Lake”. During your day you may be joined by families of ducks, cranes, pygmy cormorants, gray herons and many other species of water fowl.

This lake is known to have the best zip-lines in Israel. We can build you a zip-line at variety of lengths and height. This is a very fast zipline. The last 20 ft of the zipline you will be in the water of the cool lake, up to your waist, ending with a big impressive splash! At this beautiful, calm and tranquil location you can relax, swim, zip-line repeatedly, and enjoy a wonderful day. This site is also perfect for hosting parties, picnics and or BBQ’s.





  • Activities Included: Water Sports Zip-Lining
  • Type: All Extreme Activities are optional
  • Level: Suitable for all levels; Beginners, Adventurous and Extreme! No experience is necessary.
  • Ages: 2 - 90
  • Estimated Time: 2-6 hours
  • Season: Summer and Spring
  • Location: Northern Israel, Galilee see on map

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