Alma Cave

On this tour you can do rappelling, rope swinging and caving…

First we set up the ropes and rappell down the cliff to the entrance to the cave. Here we will do the big swing which includes horizontal Tarzan-style flying through the air. This is a very exciting experience and lots of fun. Next we will enter the cave for some real spelunking (caving). (At this site we can also add rock climbing for the more advanced climbers.)

The caving is a one to two-hour hike in the vast dark cave using headlamps. We’ll be climbing up and down ladders, bending and squeezing through little cracks in the cave. This is a spectacular adventure. It is a back and forth route, so anytime we can turn back.

Alma Cave is a good site for groups with members who have varying skill levels as all the extreme activities are optional, and there are alternate routes for those who do not want to do the rappelling. Rappelling in Israel, caving in Israel, and a big rope swing, all at the same site!

As for right now, this site is not available due to the regulations of the Nature Reserve. 


  • Activities Included: Rappelling in Israel Caving in Israel / Spelunking
  • Type: All Extreme Activities are Optional
  • Level: Suitable for all levels Beginners, Adventurous and Extreme!
  • Ages: 5-75
  • Estimated Time: 4 1/2- 6 1/2 hours
  • Season: Summer, Spring, Autumn
  • Location: Northern Israel, Galilee see on map

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