Baki- Flying ATV

Do you dream of flying? Gliding on the air currents, relying only on the wind is an unforgettable, thrilling experience – sea air, sun, blue water and blue skies… Enjoy it all from a bird’s eye view. Also known as para-motoring, Baki is a form of ultralight aviation where the pilot wears a motor on his or her back (a para-motor) which provides enough thrust to take off.

No wind or thermals are needed. It can be launched in still air, and on level ground, by the pilot alone — no assistance is required. It takes only a couple of seconds before you are gently lifted off the ground and into the sky, embarking on a journey that will provide you with excitement and unforgettable memories!

You choose the nature of your experience: calm and tantalizing, or extreme and adrenaline-filled. No previous flight experience is necessary for tandem flights; they can be enjoyed by just about anyone from the age of 6 and up!

Tandem Baki are designed to carry the weight of two people with an engine. You are seated in a secure harness behind your instructor. This seating arrangement allows you an unobstructed panoramic view. Under the supervision of your instructor you may take the controls and experience the sensation of flying yourself!


  • Activities Included: Paragliding / Flying ATV
  • Type: All Extreme Activities are Optional
  • Level: Calm - Moderate - Extreme. No experience is necessary!
  • Ages: 6 - 65
  • Estimated Time: 10-15 minutes
  • Season: Perfect all year round!
  • Location: Northern Israel, Jerusalem Region, Central Israel, Tel Aviv Region see on map

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