Banias Hike

Activities included

Hiking in Israel
ages: 5-120
Level: Beginner, No experience required
season: Perfect all year round!
Location: Banias Hike
estimated time: 3-5 Hrs

Banias Hike

The Banias Hike is located in a special part of the Banias River known mostly to the locals. This trek takes you from Kibbutz Snear to Sha’ar Yeshuv Village. You will be hiking mostly downhill with the river to your side throughout your journey and you will begin at the source of the river and travel all the way to the Jordan River.
Wild Vegetation:

It is a gorgeous hike with various types of beautiful trees. In the season, you may have the joy of being able to eat some of the delicious fresh grapes and dates from the wild vines. We will cross the river over the lovely wooden bridge.

Banias Israel Extreme
Hiking Amidst History & Nature:

Together with the stunning nature and flowers, we will spot some reminders of the old Syrian army such as an old tank tossed in the river, as well as a Syrian bunker located in a strategic point just above the settlements around the area. We will have many options to play in the water and even to walk into the stream (not for the youngsters). In the last part of the hike, we will cross a Bailey bridge designed by the British and climb a bit uphill until we reach Sha’ar Yeshuv entrance.

Banias Hike With Israel Extreme

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Salt Wonder and Banias Hike
"Fabulous experiences-don't miss these!!! My teenage twins and I went on the Salt Cave Wonder adventure and the Banias Nature Reserve adventure. Both trips exceeded our expectations. Guy was our guide for the Salt Cave Wonder. He is kind and welcoming and immediately gained our confidence--something very important when you are about the rappel 200 feet into a dark cave. Once we rappelled, he guided us through the cave and stopped to explain all the interesting formations etc. He was more than happy to stop for pictures, so we could show friends and family. Shahar was guide for the Banias Nature Reserve Hike. He is also a very kind and welcoming person. As soon as I met him, I knew we were going to have fun. Given all the current demonstrations in Israel, we had to make a few slight last minute changes to our meeting time, but Shahar took it in stride and kept saying "no problem." He even brought a super fresh, sweet mango which he shared during the hike. He too was also more than happy to take our picture along the routes in various scenic spots. We never felt rushed during either trip. Ho often can you say that? The trips were great, and both our guides were fabulous, but what you really need to know is that this company wants you to have a top notch experience. They will make suggestions during planning that reflect their experience so that you don't make rookie mistakes. They follow up on all details, so there were no surprises. Both our guides even recommended nearby places to go eat after the trips. What more could you ask for? Date of experience: July 2023"
Via Ferrata, Banias Hike, and Jilabun
Joel H
"3 Great days of hiking and adventure We had 3 great days of touring with Israel Extreme, with two different guides. One day doing the Via Ferrata, spectacular scenery, kind and patient guide. Second day was a milder hike on the Banias (on account of the extreme heat). Third was rappelling down the Jillabun waterfalls--that was a thrill! Great communication every time, very professional outfit. We will definitely use them again when we return to Israel. Joel H Date of experience: October 2020"

Frequently asked questions

Here you will find frequently asked questions about this site and its activities – you are welcome to read

Hiking boots are recommended, if you don’t own them, other sturdy closed shoes (sneakers) will be acceptable. Water shoes and sandals are not sturdy enough.
Once you have booked your tour with us, we will send you a confirmation and supply list email. It will have everything you should bring with you and it also has a link for driving directions to the Banias.
No, it’s right after the nature reserve. This is a more unknown part of the Banias. You can enjoy the beautiful river together with the landscape and trees, but with much less people.
Yes, in the wintertime you won’t go into the water as it is way too cold. The trail might be a little more challenging because of the mud.
No, you don’t have to go into the stream at all.
It’s quite cold. It’s 14 degrees celsius all year round.
You can see very impressive Syrian tanks that fell into the river and you can learn about it. You can see Syrian bunkers from before 1967 when they were in control of the land. You can see wildlife like birds, huge trees, and the strong current in the stream.

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