Black Canyon Nakik HaShachor

Black Canyon Israel – Nakik HaShachor

On your private tour of the Black Canyon, we will hike in this deep canyon of volcanic stone for a full day of adventure. This is an unmarked hike in a closed national park, reserved for groups led by licensed tour guides only. On this exhilarating and captivating tour through the pristine wilds of the Golan Heights, we will hike through rough brush and over large rocks. Beautiful birds and small animals are occasionally seen foraging in their natural habitat. The Black Canyon is full of water; ninety percent of this hike is near or in water –from ankle to knee deep. Swimming and rappelling are required. We will experience the rush of the water as we rappel through three waterfalls – and don’t forget to look around at the beautiful greenery and breathtaking views! You need to be in good shape, but good news is the hike is 85 percent downhill.  You will finish your trip with satisfaction and thrilling memories of your extreme adventure hiking in Israel. This hike is one of our clients faves!  Life jackets are available upon request.
Hiking, swimming and rappelling in Israel – all in one day!



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