Black Canyon & Deep Water Solo Climb

Activities included

Rappelling in Israel
climbing (1)
Rock Climbing in Israel
Canyoneering in Israel
ages: 10-120
Level: Advanced, Professional
season: Presently Unavailable! For further information, please contact us.
Location: Black Canyon & Deep Water Solo Climb
estimated time: 6-8 Hrs

Black Canyon & Deep Water Solo Climb

This is a full-day adventure in a deep canyon of volcanic stone.

This unmarked hike in a closed national park is reserved for groups led by licensed tour guides only. On this exhilarating and captivating tour through the lush, wild jungle of the Golan Heights you will see beautiful birds, small animals, and lots of water!

Black Canyon and Deep Water Solo Climb with Israel Extreme
Best Water Hike in Israel

Ninety percent of this hike is near or in water – from ankle to knee deep, including rappels through three waterfalls. Swimming and rappelling are required (life jackets are available). You need to be in good shape, but you won’t get exhausted… it’s 85 percent downhill!

Yehodiya with Israel Extreme
Jumping into Pools of Water

This tour can include the optional deep water solo climb against a cliff that overhangs above a large 80-foot deep pool of water.  This climb uses no safety line and no ropes.  If a climber should fall, they fall into the pool.  The routes of this climb are on a high scale of 6b (on the French scale) and above.

Black Canyon and Deep Water Solo Climb with Israel Extreme
As for right now, this site is not available due to the regulations of the Nature Reserve.

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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find frequently asked questions about this site and its activities – you are welcome to read

The latest to start is 8:00 AM. The nature reserve opens at 7:00 AM. We ask people to get there early because after this time the nature reserve will not let you in.
The Black Canyon is considered a family friendly hike, although the minumum age is 10 years old. It is a 7 hour hike together with multiple rappelling.
The minimum age for the Black Canyon is 10 years old.
There is swimming so if you aren’t a strong swimmer, you just need to let us know and we will provide life jackets.
Yes, the rappelling is mandatory.
Yes, you will have to get your harness tight and you should wear leggings and a shell under your regular shirt. The harness will go on under your skirt (make sure you have plenty of leg room in the skirt) and the shell is tucked into the leggings to make sure it doesn’t come up.
Hiking boots are recommended but closed sturdy sneakers will work. Water shoes of any kind, Crocs, and sandals are not sturdy enough and are prohibited from wearing according to the rules of the Nature Reserve. The rangers of the park will turn you away if you do not have suitable shoes. Even if you have professional canyoning water shoes – if they have any openings, you will NOT be allowed to enter.
Once you have booked your tour with us, we will send you a confirmation and supply list email. It will have everything you should bring with you and it also has a link for driving directions to the Black Canyon.
No, the Black Canyon is only open in the summer usually from mid-May until the end of October. There are some years that it opens in April.

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