Black Canyon & Deep Water Solo Climb

Black Canyon & Deep Water Solo Climb

This is a full-day adventure in a deep canyon of volcanic stone. This unmarked hike in a closed national park is reserved for groups led by licensed tour guides only. On this exhilarating and captivating tour through the lush, wild jungle of the Golan Heights you will see beautiful birds, small animals, and lots of water!

Best Water Hike in Israel

Ninety percent of this hike is near or in water – from ankle to knee deep, including rappels through three waterfalls. Swimming and rappelling are required (life jackets are available). You need to be in good shape, but you won’t get exhausted… it’s 85 percent downhill!

Jumping into Pools of Water

This tour can include the optional deep water solo climb against a cliff that overhangs above a large 80-foot deep pool of water.  This climb uses no safety line and no ropes.  If a climber should fall, they fall into the pool.  The routes of this climb are on a high scale of 6b (on the French scale) and above.

As for right now, this site is not available due to the regulations of the Nature Reserve. 



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