Camping Out in The Judean Desert

Camping Out in The Judean Desert

For those of you who understand the magic of nature; you both know and understand the words of John Muir – “into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul”. Israel is overflowing with beautiful spots for nature lovers, and newly available in our Judean Desert site; we now offer camping! Depending on what your wishes are, we have many spots spread out in the Judean Desert that are perfect for your needs. Mind you, this is a truly authentic experience. There are no bathrooms or showers on site. While out in the desert, you have the chance to experience nature completely removed from the hustle and noise of the city. Before your arrival, your guide will arrive at camp to set up your tent, mattresses, sleeping bags, and campfire plus food. This way from the moment you arrive, your holiday of complete rest begins!

The campsite contains the following: tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, lighted area and phone charging station, fire pit, and two meals – dinner and breakfast the following morning.

Dinner will include the following: A special potjiekos (meat stew) that will be made right on site in your campfire, pita bread, salad, pickles, and dessert!

Breakfast will include the following: pita bread, omelets, veggie platters, cheese, and spreads.

Maximum capacity of participants is 20 people (with a minimum of 7 people).

Exciting, Additional Jeep Tour with Camping

If you are interested in creating a more unique experience while you are already out in the Judean Desert, you can add a fantastic jeep tour that takes your deeper into the desert. For this option you will meet our jeep guide a couple of hours before sunset, and you will set out together and explore the mystical beauty of the desert. You will have the chance to stop alongside a spring depending on the season to cool off and refresh yourself while having a small snack of tea and cookies. Then we stop about an hour before sunset and begin to set up camp and settle in. From here, we begin our overnight camping adventure. The following morning after a pleasant breakfast and a peaceful night’s sleep, we’ll break camp, and continue on our way to finish our jeep tour until we arrive back into civilization. When you choose this option, we are venturing deep into the desert which provides a vast amount of sites that you get to pick where to set up camp from. The deeper we venture, the better the choices!

Estimated Time of Jeeping: 4.5 – 6.5 hours

Note: 1 jeep can take up to 7 people.


  • Activities Included: Special Interest Activities Camping
  • Type: A Nature Experience Under The Stars!
  • Level: No experience is necessary
  • Ages: 3-85
  • Estimated Time: Overnight
  • Season: Summer, Spring, Autumn, Winter
  • Location: Dead Sea Region, Jerusalem Region, Southern Israel see on map

Many other camping sites available - please feel free to ask!