Desert Night Adventure

 Desert Night Adventure


This exciting multi-faceted tour allows you to explore the beauty and grandeur of the desert, without the stifling heat that often makes the desert an inaccessible place.  Our tour will start at sunset at a remote location about 20 minutes west of Sde Boker.  Here within the soft glow of the setting sun, we will explore the ancient Nabetean City of Shivta.  Much of this city’s ancient structures are still fabulously intact, and your guide will explain life as it once was in this rich “metropolitan” city, along with the means they used to survive and thrive within the desert setting.

For the second part of this adventure, we will continue on with a short 15 minute drive to the next site, our Safari Night adventure tour. Here under the cover of a star-studded sky, we will hike on the soft sand dunes, all the while searching for desert wildlife – scorpions and snakes! But no fears – your guide is an expert desert trekker and all is safe! Here you will experience true desert grandeur as never before, breathe in the pure desert air and take in the vastness all around you in and in you. Away from the lights of the city, you will be treated to sparkling star-gazing, as your guide will explain the night sky and point out the stars and planets using a special laser.

For the final part of this adventure, you will learn how to make a camp fire without any modern conveniences (no matches here!), using only what nature has provided you with. You’ll reap the benefits with some delicious tea and roasted potatoes from your own handiwork!


  • Activities Included: Special Interest Activities
  • Type: Hike
  • Level: Extreme; No experience is necessary
  • Ages: all ages
  • Estimated Time: 4-6 hours
  • Season: Summer, Spring, Autumn
  • Location: Negev, Southern Israel see on map

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