Extreme White Water Rafting

Extreme White Water Rafting

Up for a real wild whitewater rafting adventure? Experience the thrill and the rush of this awesome tour in your own private rafting kayak!

You will be exploring the most remote parts of the white waters of the Jordan River, where this untouched wonderland is also vibrant with natural beauty and wildlife.

Hayarden Haharari: Back Rafts Adventures!

If you head down the river past the usually accessible family rafting sites, you will find a very unique part of the Jordan called “Hayarden Haharari” (the mountainous river). For years this part of the Jordan was OFF LIMITS. The terrain and water levels were too extreme for bulky rafting tubes that are usually used in rafting adventures.

A new solution was created by innovating solo rafts called “back rafts” which are extremely light and can be carried on your back. This solution opened up new possibilities for awesome extreme adventures on the Jordan River. This is the first time this part of the Jordan is being accessed!

Gilad and Our Team:

Your tour will be led by Gilad, a true war hero who was critically injured in the second Lebanon war. His chance of survival was ZERO and the fact that he is alive is a miracle. Gilad has been trained in kayaking and rafting from the young age of ten. Part of his recovery included getting back into the water. He now leads rafting groups around the globe and trains rescue teams in rafting emergencies. He also works with recovering soldiers from PTSD by leading them through water rafting experiences. His story is so inspirational that he is asked to share it at many events throughout the country.

Survival Hero &  Experienced Tour Guides:

You will be led by your professional instructors, one of whom is Gilad. Your safety and security will be constantly monitored by the instructors throughout your experience. Upon reaching heavy rapids, your instructors will guide you through them one by one.
This Extreme Adventure is done all year round! Winter is our favorite time of the year because the water level is higher and stronger. We provide full-body wet suits for your comfort.

Book this if you are ready to experience the most unforgettable wild whitewater rafting tour in Israel.


  • Activities Included: Rafting / Kayaking in Israel
  • Type: Rafting
  • Level: Moderate, no experience necessary!
  • Ages: 15-77
  • Estimated Time: 3-6 hours
  • Season: winter, spring, summer
  • Location: Northern Israel, Galilee, Golan Heights see on map

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