Flying ATV/Bakai in the Jordan Valley

Flying ATV/Bakai in the Jordan Valley

Do you dream of flying? To see the country from above, while the wind is caressing you, the blue-sky spreads everywhere, the sun’s rays guide you and the sea accompanies the view to the horizon. Flying in a Kai, or in its professional name – MMG (motorized wheeled parachute), will give you a tremendous experience in the sky. The parachute causes the lifting force and the engine pushes forward and then you lift off and enjoy the feeling of flying and floating. Be amazed by the beauty of our country in front of the landscape spread out from all directions!

The flight with one of our talented pilots takes about 20 minutes. The early morning hours create a magical experience of quiet, calm, and very enjoyable levitation.

The flight times are usually: 06:00-07:30 in the summer, and in the winter, it is also possible in the afternoon hours. Everything depends of course on the weather forecast.

The Flying ATV is a double vessel – the pilot is in front and you sit behind him with a safety belt that resembles a body harness and secures you, this way of sitting allows you a spectacular panoramic view. You decide the nature of the flight: calm and pleasant or extreme and full of adrenaline! No previous experience is necessary.


  • Activities Included: Paragliding / Flying ATV
  • Type: All Extreme Activities are Optional
  • Level: Calm - Moderate - Extreme. No experience is necessary!
  • Ages: 6 - 120
  • Estimated Time: 20 minutes
  • Season: Perfect all year round!
  • Location: Northern Israel, Galilee see on map

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