Fox’s Chimney

Fox’s Chimney

This is an incredible and very rare private tour, as there are only a few salt caverns in the world! We start the private tour with a gorgeous 50 minute hike through small canyons and over mountain tops in the desert. Magnificent views of the mountains of Moav and Edom and the Dead Sea are spread beneath our feet. Then we will come to a big hole in the ground.

Here we will rappel down 65 meters (over 210 feet) through a beautiful, huge tube of salt, down into the belly of the earth. At the bottom it is pitch dark, so we use headlamps to explore the caverns. We will do some real caving, crawling through a few tight spots, climbing into huge chambers, and seeing sights that very few human beings have seen. We will see snow white stalactites and stalagmites and other fabulous salt formations. At the end we will exit at the beach of the Dead Sea. This is an amazing experience!



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