Fun Day in the Golan Heights and Hula Valley

Activities included

Team Building and ODT
ages: 18-120
Level: No experience required
season: Perfect all year round!
Location: Nahal Snir
estimated time: Half Day To A Full Day Hrs

Fun Day in the Golan Heights and Hula Valley

Before we begin describing the special and fun day, lets start with introductions! We here in Israel Extreme do our utmost to ensure that all of our customers are satisfied 100% of the time. The examples listed here are not set in stone, and we can adjust it to fit specifically to what you and your group needs. After you leave us your contact information, we’ll gladly call you to build the perfect day just for you!
Team Building at the Golan – Example

The day will go off of the following:

1. “Canyoning” route just like the fabulous canyons in Europe!
2. Late lunch at one of the excellent restaurants in the area.

Rappelling In Nahal Jilabun With Israel Extreme

Canyoning in Israel – This is an amazing route where its beauty has all you could wish for. Gorgeous landscapes, ancient history, monasteries, and lots of running pools of water for those who want to splash around for a quick refresher! This is no obligation to enter the water.

Lunch – At the end of the day, we’ll spoil ourselves at a meat restaurant you may not have heard of. In our opinion, you will not regret knowing the “Canaanite” restaurant in Kfar Adumin. It is one of the few places in the area that define itself as a true “chef’s kitchen”. They truly are!

Nahal Jilabun with Israel Extreme

Looking forward to hearing from you! We will gladly design a day similar to the example above, and this is guaranteed to further develop your team-building skills!

Banias Hike with Israel Extreme

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Let our clients speak for themselves. With todays transparency you cannot hid, and we are proud o share with you our companies outstanding 5 STAR reviews that come from thousands of clients just like you.

Jeeping Hula Valley
"Beautiful experience in Golan Heights and Hula Valley! Excellent experience! Our guide (Eazi) was very knowledgeable on the area and took us to hidden gems. Would recommend! Date of experience: July 2023"
Jeeping Hula Valley 2
Melanie E
"Hulah Valley fun Izy was an amazing tour guide. We did the 4 hour Jeep tour in the Hulah Valley. He showed us the landscapes, shared the history and helped us understand the region that he lives in. He took us to 3 different and off the beaten track swimming areas and drive us through the fields of the kibbutzim. We had a great day! Also Israel Extreme was an amazing group to work with! Thank you so much! Date of experience: July 2023"

Frequently asked questions

Here you will find frequently asked questions about this site and its activities – you are welcome to read

We can build your fun day to what you would like to do. If you don’t want to do anything extreme then we have lots of fun tours that are geared towards this. If you want to include extreme activities, we can build your fun day with that in mind as well.
Yes, we can take care of this as well. We can build a whole day for you including transportation and food.
There is no limit but the number of participants, where in Israel, their ages, etc., will affect what we will offer you.
Yes, we can provide kosher food and we can organize the food from the kashrut that you would like.
Yes, the activities are examples and we can play around with them or flip them around. We can also do special combinations of different activities.
In the summer time you can start the hike after mid-day. In the winter time, no later than 12 PM.
This is a family-friendly hike.
Yes, you will have to get your harness tight and you should wear leggings and a shell under your regular shirt. The harness will go on under your skirt (make sure you have plenty of leg room in the skirt) and the shell is tucked into the leggings to make sure it doesn’t come up.
Younger children might find the Devorah Waterfall difficult as you are rappelling straight into the waterfall. Although the Jilabun Waterfall is higher, you don’t rappel into the waterfall which makes this waterfall easier.
The meeting point is next to Rosh Pina at the junction called Machanayim Junction. There are restaurants and restrooms there.
No, it’s optional. In the summertime, it’s nice to go into the water and refresh yourself.

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