Fun Day in Ramon Crater

Team Building for Work Groups

If you arrived to this page, this is a sign that you appreciate your workers/fellow team members!

Before we begin describing the special and fun day, lets start with introductions! We here in Israel Extreme do our utmost to ensure that all of our customers are satisfied 100% of the time. The examples listed here are not set in stone, and we can adjust it to fit specifically to what you and your group needs. After you leave us your contact information, we’ll gladly call you to build the perfect day just for you!

Team Building in Ramon Crater – Example

The day will go off of the following:

1. Special Jeep Tour Inside and Outside of The Crater
2. Special Rappelling Experience Into The Crater
3. Lunch in A Local Bedouin Tent

Jeeping in The Crater – You will experience exhilarating steep ascents and descents through Crater and the Negev Desert dunes with panoramic views of the spectacular Ramon Crater. We will see the nomadic life of the desert birds and animals, and hear about the history, geology, flora and fauna of this unique ecosystem, and learn about the history of Israel’s Bedouin culture.

Rappelling in The Crater – Ramon Lookout is one of the most beautiful places in Israel where you can see the entire crater. We offer a fun experience where you get to rappell down from the edge of the crater. It’s about 60-70 ft high.

Lunch – Rich lunch in a local Bedouin Tent is appropriate for the rich spirit of the desert!

Looking forward to hearing from you! We will gladly design a day similar to the example above, and this is guaranteed to further develop your team building skills!


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