Fun Day in The Eastern Galilee

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If you arrived to this page, this is a sign that you appreciate your workers/fellow team members!

Before we begin describing the special and fun day, lets start with introductions! We here in Israel Extreme do our utmost to ensure that all of our customers are satisfied 100% of the time. The examples listed here are not set in stone, and we can adjust it to fit specifically to what you and your group needs. After you leave us your contact information, we’ll gladly call you to build the perfect day just for you!

Team Building in the Eastern Galilee – Example

The day will go off of the following:

1. A trip up in the Naftali Mountains with the best ATV’s on the market on an adventurous and scenic route!

2. Lunch Galilee Style in the Field!

3. Unique Activities including rappelling, rock climbing, and Via Feratta (the only place in Israel for via feratta).

4. Option of ending with a delicious supper at one of the finest meat restaurants in the Upper Galilee.

ATVing in the Naftali Mountains ‘razors’ (the style of ATV) is a off-roading vehicle that can seat up to 4 people, two in the front, and two in the back. It is the lastest model on the market, and by far the best! It allows passengers to feel a deep sense of security and adventure throughout their entire adventure! The length of the route is about two hours full of adrenaline and beautiful scenery! Along our way, we’ll stop at an impressive observation point where we’ll freshen up with coffee/herbal tea that the guide will prepare in the field, and from here we’ll continue on a trip into the valley. From there, the stream that flows and floods during the rainy season provides the ultimate fun! You can drive yourself if you hold a valid drivers license.

Lunch Galilee StyleAfter the adrenaline rush from ATVing, we will sit back and pamper ourselves with a Galilean lunch in the field, which includes: Focaccia (a yummy bread), pitot that will be made on site, cheeses with sage, and other spices, ect, along with other amazing goodies!

Via Feratta – Via Feratta, also known as the iron road, is a new and exciting route at the top of a high cliff located near Kibbutsz Menara in the upper Galilee. We do 3 different activities on this site.

1st Activity – Rappelling: on an impressive cliff that rises to a height of about 30 meters, and a stunning, panoramic view of the Golan Heights, Mount Hermon, Syria, and Lebanon.

2nd Activity – Via Feratta: There is a section of about 300 meters in the Via Feratta where we will climb cliffs, descend into ravines, and hold onto iron handles while constantly connected to a secure steel cable that goes along the entire route. We will use special equipment that ensures that we will be secure every second of the way. The equipment allows us to reach points on the cliff that have never been accessible to human beings before!

3rd Activity – Rock Climbing: After we finish the Via Feratta, we will reach the bottom of the cliff once again and from there we can experience real rock climbing!

Dinner – If you have more energy, you can end the full day of many incredible experiences with a fine dinner at one of the most delicious meat restaurants in the Upper Galilee, or at a pampering Moroccan style dinner at Galit’s House! You can’t go wrong with either!!

Looking forward to hearing from you! We will gladly design a day similar to the example above, and this is guaranteed to further develop your team building skills!


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