Hidden Lava Canyon

The Hidden Lava Canyon

Located on the beautiful slopes of the Golan Heights, this lava canyon has the perfect combination of beauty, scenery, and adventure, in one of the most hidden and yet-to-be-discovered gorges that can be found in the north of Israel.

We will start the hike climbing up the trail with the canyon on one side, and the spectacular panoramic views of the Hula Valley and Galilee mountains on the other.

Canyoneering: Rappeling Family Fun!

Once we reach the head of the canyon, we will begin the canyoneering adventure part of the day. As we descend down the canyon, we will come upon four waterfalls, the highest of which is 120 feet! This is where the rappelling action begins, as we rappel down these exciting volcanic waterfalls, ending in the natural pools of water below (in season). In the winter, the waterfalls are active and gushing with water, so wet suits are necessary for this time of year. In the summer and fall, as the rains subside, the canyon dries out completely and is taken over by bursting wildflowers and bamboo. In the springtime it’s a toss-up – it could be either with or without water, depending upon the amount of rainfall from the previous winter.

Golan Heights: Breathtaking Views!

One very special part of this hike is that geographically, the Golan Heights is comprised primarily of volcanic rock (basalt), and underlying this basalt is a layer of white limestone. As we descend down the canyon, the black volcanic rock gives way to the white limestone which is dramatic in its beauty and uniqueness.

Because this canyon is relatively unpopulated, there is also a good chance to come upon wildlife such as jackals, wild boars, wolves, hawks, and eagles soaring above.

The Hidden Lava Canyon- a treasure just waiting to be discovered!


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