Hebron and Kever Rachel and Ma’arat Hamachpela Jeep Tours

Kever Rachel + Hebron (Chevron) Jeep Tour

Get ready for a day of exploration and tefillah, as we head out into the Judean Hills and Hebron to visit these special holy sites. We will begin the day by picking you up in a jeep/SUV, driven by your armed and professional tour guide. Our first stop will be at  Kever Rachel/Ma’arat Hamachpela, where we will have the opportunity to daven at this most auspicious site, generations have made this trek to daven by Kever Rochel – or as we know her – Momma Rachel.  We’ll then head south to Hebron, one of the four holy cities in Israel.

Entering  Hebron is stepping into one of the most compelling cities historically and currently in Israel. This tour will take you to sites dating as far back as biblical times, and you will hear and learn about the ever-evolving narrative of this ancient holy city. Our first stop will be at the formidable Cave of the Patriarchs, the Ma’arat Hamachpela, the burial site of the Avot and Imahot – Avraham and Sarah, Yitzchak and Rivka, Yaakov and Leah. We’ll learn how this edifice has changed hands under the different rulers and has been transformed over the centuries, yet maintained its sanctity forever.  From here we will continue onto the Synagogue of Avraham Avinu and hear about its fascinating history. We will tour Beit Hadassah, a building dating back to 1893. Originally established as a medical clinic and hospital, this complex has since been renovated in the 1980’s and 90’s and houses 30 families today, including a synagogue, playground, museum, and guest house. This ancient city continues to thrive today and we will see up close the daily life of its residents in the Jewish Quarter.

From here we will head to the burial sites of Yishai and Ruth which are located in an ancient building in the Tel Rumaida section of Hebron. We will complete the tour at a fantastic lookout over the entire city of Hebron!





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