Kayaking on The Jordan Lagoon

Kayaking on The Jordan Lagoon

Kayaking on the Jordan Lagoon is an extraordinary family friendly adventure that is perfect for children, teenagers, and adults!

After two years of perfect winter rains – the Northern region of the Kineret is overflowing with water which has created lagoons and small islands. We will paddle through various streams that goes down from the Golan Heights, and makes its way into the Kineret. Many birds and other wild life are thriving here. In this special adventure we’ll enjoy the beauty of the North, which also includes swimming and resting on one of the islands for a fun coffee/tea break along with hearing the history of the area, and a chance to experience the beauty of the North.


This adventure can be done as a sunrise tour which is special and starts at 5am or anytime of the day. In the summer we recommend to do this in the early morning. If you are looking for a challenge, I would recommend beginning in the afternoon, this way you’ll be powering through windy and slightly choppy waters. The kayakes are for two or three people – choose whatever you prefer!


Kayaking on The Jordan Lagoon With Israel Extreme – that’s the best!!



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