Keshet Multi-Pitch Climb

Keshet Multi-Pitch Climb and Rappelling 

The Arch at Keshet Cave offers the most beautiful view in Israel from the highest point in the Western Galilee, with a vista of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea and the entire Galilee.

Once a real cave, the ceiling of the cave collapsed millennia in the past, leaving only an arch which gives the site its name. You can rappel off the mammoth natural stone arch bridging the mountains, sailing through the air with an amazing panoramic view surrounding you.

Instead of hiking the trail back up at Keshet Cave, we will climb up the cliff face in a multi-pitch climb. This means that we climb in increments, stopping to reset the ropes at stations along the climb.

This is technically a beginner’s level climb, but it is very thrilling because of the fantastic views, like looking out of an airplane window, and the feeling of being exposed on the face of the cliff, like you would in a much more difficult climb.

This is the only place in Israel, and one of the few places in the world that an ordinary person can experience what a professional climber feels conquering a big wall. This is a serious and dramatic climbing experience.

As for right now, this site is not available due to the regulations of the Nature Reserve. 



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